Top 16 IT companies in Bhubaneswar 2024

Searching for the best IT companies in Bhubaneshwar? Then you have come to the right place. As many big players have already set up their operations in Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar is becoming a favorite destination for many IT & ITES companies. Bhubaneswar’s IT sector is finally beginning to change for the better. The trend is certainly going to be a great advantage for all those young graduates of the city, many of whom had no choice but to relocate to other IT hubs, including Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune, to pursue better job opportunities. Young professionals from around the country can now live out their dreams of doing jobs in giant companies. Since 1997, Infosys has been operating in Bhubaneswar as the first major player. With this move, Bhubaneswar is virtually kicked off on its path to becoming a world-class IT hub. So which are the most reputable IT companies in Bhubaneswar to work for? Let’s find out

A large city with a good economic and cultural background, Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Orissa. IT companies are found in abundance in Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneshwar also offers many historical sites in Eastern India worth exploring. Bhubaneswar has several good colleges as well as the Educational Centre. Educational, informational, and tourism services are of high quality. The tourism industry is the most important industry in Bhubaneswar. The city has recently developed a number of industrial areas. A record shows that 96% of people in Bhubaneswar are employed in service industries, indicating that the economy has developed. The following companies are among the best IT companies in Bhubaneswar. We have also made a list that is based on randomness and does not include rankings. Bhubaneswar’s handicraft industry also contributes to its economy. Orissa ranked high on the list of states that export software. The growth rate in Bhubaneswar has increased by 17% as many IT companies are setting up in the city.

List of some of the best IT company in Bhubaneswar

A worldwide pandemic situation presents a high degree of freedom for the IT industry, as companies are searching for innovative solutions that can help them improve their working processes. As one of the top IT offshoring centers, Odisha’s top IT companies play a significant role in the state’s economic development as well. It has also been reported that an upcoming IT company in Bhubaneswar like IBM will open soon who will establish a development center in Bhubaneswar. The top IT companies offer solutions such as Machine Learning, Tech/IT support, Cybersecurity or Data Security, App development, Artificial Intelligence, Manual and Automation Testing, Data backup, cloud services, etc. Listed below are some of the topmost successful IT companies in Bhubaneswar in 2021.

01. Infosys


The company began its operations in the year 1997 in Bhubaneswar when the city was gaining traction as one of the hottest IT hubs in the East. A total of 4,018 employees are situated on the Bhubaneswar campus which covers approximately 10 acres. The facilities offered to employees at the Bhubaneswar campus are comparable to those available at Infosys campuses all over India, and the Bhubaneswar campus is located within a modern building at Infocity. On the campus, you’ll find all kinds of modern conveniences, such as libraries, cafes, supermarkets, food courts, and gyms. If you join Infosys, you can choose your preferred campus location from several engineering colleges across the twin city.

02. TATA Consulting Services (TCS)

TATA Consulting Services (TCS)

TCS, a global giant in the IT industry, opened its Bhubaneswar campus in January 2009. With the opening of TCS Kalinga Park, the company has expanded its global network model and is built on a site of more than 47 acres of land. Initial installments of this system were equipped with 1,000 seats, with the capacity to expand. A total of 7,000 seats will be available in the building when completed. More than 455 percent of their brand value has increased in the last decade. Their strength is not only in the IT business but also in a stronger atmosphere. Almost all continents have been covered and work with international clients.

03. Wipro


When it comes to an IT company, how can we abandon Wipro? A top IT company in Bhubaneswar, and around the world, Wipro is regarded as one of the best in the world. The company provides enterprise process management, management consulting, and services. It is recognized not only in Bhubaneswar but all over the world as one of the most successful IT firms. This company is the world’s leading provider of business services, consulting services, and information technology. The company is among the top 10 IT companies in Bhubaneshwar.

04. Mindfire Solutions

 Mindfire Solutions

As a software company, they develop commercial systems for their customers. In the area of growing an IT organization, there is an underlying theory that allows them to gain information. They take pride in the way that they do business. The programs they offer look beyond tradition. They continued to develop faster and better software based on their experience in their region.

05. CSM Technologies

CSM Technologies

This is another software company in Bhubaneswar and this company is a provider of enterprise solutions and a developer of software solutions. Bhubaneswar is not the only place where they are active but also has its presence in North Africa. The company offers a wide range of smart goods and jobs, which contribute to its success. Based on industry best practices and employing highly skilled human resources, CSM solutions operate as a regional distribution model. The company is one of Bhubaneswar’s top 10 IT companies

06. Mahindra Satyam

Mahindra Satyam

Satyam has had its development center in Bhubaneswar for some time now and is fully operational. Among the many locations in which Mahindra Satyam has been hired, there are other campuses such as CV Raman, ITER, and many others. Many vital projects are moving to Bhubaneswar, and the company offers an attractive package for new hires. In Mahindra Satyam Bhubaneswar, people are able to access the best technologies as they are part of the Mahindra Satyam Development Centre

07. Mind tree Limited

Mind tree Limited

This is one of the top software companies in India. The mind claims digital change. Over 2000 clients have worked with them. The customers can take advantage of Mind Tree if they want to optimize their business’s performance and increase sales. A collective strategy also allows them to generate personalized ideas. The Mindtree tech engineers create customized solutions.

08. Technotips


This is another IT company in Bhubaneshwar. To add to the evergreen world of the digital, the company used hyper-automation, robotics, and cloud analytics. Over one lakh of their employees serve customers all over the world. Among the best IT firms in Bhubaneshwar, this company is one of the most respected. They use the latest technology to enrich the lives of their clients. As a vision, they are devoted to providing solutions that advance careers worldwide.

09. Sai Paramount IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Sai Paramount IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

It is a leading software company specializing in providing solutions that help businesses grow in this highly competitive environment. The company possesses an exceptional combination of innovative skills and excellent technical skills that assist in developing your product. Founded in 2007, this company has not looked back since. They have a dedicated and passionate team that works hard to serve their clients.

10. Catalyst IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Catalyst IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd

The company is among the top IT companies in Bhubaneswar. The organization’s growth is their primary concern and they provide an economical and efficient solution to help no matter how big or small it is. Due to their rigorous testing, their analysis is robust and they are famous for their analysis. The work culture is really great I this company. They have a friendly environment to work with. It is among the top IT company in Bhubaneswar



Their solutions are designed to help your business grow and transform. The UI is transformed in an excellent way by their solutions. Their team has been working in these fields for over twenty years. Since its founding in 1998, its main goal has been to provide quality service within deadlines with customer satisfaction. A healthy and positive work environment is needed by the employees as well. Technology provides cutting-edge solutions for their customers.

12. Swadhin IT Solutions

 Swadhin IT Solutions

The company is an award-winning IT firm in Bhubaneswar. They offer consulting plans tailored to meet the needs of our clients. They provide every IT solution you could possibly need, from e-commerce to design. The company addresses the needs of the online sector. They have worked with over 500 companies in over 30 industries.

13. Versatile IT Services Pvt. Ltd

Versatile IT Services Pvt. Ltd

Thus the company is a web development company that offers effective and reliable solutions to its customers. It is among the top IT company in Bhubaneswar. The head office is located in Bhubaneswar and they have been in business for over a decade to meet the needs.

14. Wayindia Software Solution Pvt. Ltd

Wayindia Software Solution Pvt. Ltd

This company is a leading provider of IT services in Bhubaneswar. Their expertise is in both development and integration, and they are a full-cycle software development company. They have a friendly working environment as well. In their 20 years of development, they have developed over 150 websites. The best software solutions are provided by Way India in Bhubaneswar, as well as throughout the country.

Many of the big players have already set up their operations in Bhubaneswar, making it the preferred destination for many IT and ITES companies. Finally, Bhubaneswar’s IT industry scene is changing for the better. Young Engineers in the city would benefit from this blog since they were no longer forced to shift to other cities for better jobs. However, rankings are based on factors such as the number of employees and net sales, as well as the amount of time that the company has been operating in Bhubaneswar.

15. TechTSS – Software Development Company Bhubaneswar, India


TSSS Techno Solutions, a digital branding champion, has been a leader in providing creative and smart online solutions to global brands since 2013. India is the base headquarter and their team of strategists, designers, and engineers is well versed in utilizing the latest technology in order to create custom web applications, branding campaigns, and mobile apps that maximize ROI.
From entrepreneurs who are starting off to find new ways of doing business to established companies who are planning to go digital, TSSS offers a full range of advisory services. They optimize ROI through the systematic integration of branding strategies, user experience, and data analytics under a single roof. Through this commitment to strategic vision and organized development, the clients of TSSS both regionally and globally are able to excel in the world that is changing continuously. For comprehensive web, app, and brand-related solutions crafted for forward-looking brands, TSSS Techno Solutions drives ROI beyond imagination.

16. Datagram Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Datagram Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The Web Nexus Technologies Inc was founded in 2015 and was primarily dedicated to giving customized digital solutions to enterprises. Leveraging the strong client-centered approach, the company led by a team of the best developers and designers has succeeded in the market very fast.

Unlike a rigid approach of one size fits all, Web Nexus takes time to “walk in the shoes” of its clients to pinpoint their unique business goals, audiences, and technical requirements. They thus build their own solutions for the web, ecommerce, web application, mobile app, and SEO among other services.

Through implementation of innovative design along with practical and easy to use features, Web Nexus will be able to provide digital instruments that not only answer current needs but also will facilitate the development of clients in the online space that is becoming significantly competitive.

However, it is interesting that the company is able to provide this high level of customization according to the requirements of small and mid-sized organizations while keeping the costs affordable at the same time. Their list of clients has grown to over 500, and the business is proud to say that they have provided solutions to this diverse group of businesses so that they too can improve the efficiency of their operations, customer engagement, and bottom line.

The Web Nexus team goes on to envision future improvements in technical skills to enrich the delivery of digitally-transforming services with value to clients from various sectors. But the willingness to adjust the approach to each client in a way that is uniquely appropriate will remain the priority.

Future of some of the best IT companies in Bhubaneshwar

Information technology, or IT, has already generated a buzz and is generating waves of excitement since it has a wide scope of jobs and high security. Working in the IT field opens up many career opportunities for you. IT engineers are often called the lifeblood of a business. Excellent pay is only one benefit of working in the IT sector. You can earn expertise in many fields because a large number of jobs are opening up. An IT consultant will be in charge of analyzing the system and researching it. These days, cloud architects are becoming very popular, so you’ll need to learn cybersecurity and computer forensics.

Are there any top IT companies in Bhubaneshwar where you can get a job?

If you are looking for a job in the IT industry, it has the reputation of being one of the topmost progressive fields. You must find solutions to a wide range of problems that can affect many people. You must possess public relations skills and be interested in technology. Make use of the technology industry’s tools and sites to help you. Keeping up to date with the latest job opportunities will help you find the right company. If you’re interested in working for the best IT companies in Bhubaneswar, your resume needs to be impressive. Forget about all the junior school report cards and you also shouldn’t enlarge the size of your resume. These things will surely help you to get a job in the top IT company in Bhubaneshwar.

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