How to clean mixer grinder?

In almost all households across the world, mixer grinders are very common kitchen appliances. I, cannot imagine even a single day without these appliances since they help me with a variety of tasks in the kitchen. Thus, maintaining and cleaning the mixers regularly will prevent any problems that may interfere with their use.

  • Unplug the mixer grinder and disassemble all parts, including the blades, jars, and lids.
  • Wash all parts with warm soapy water and a soft sponge.
  • Rinse the parts thoroughly and dry them completely before reassembling.
  • Clean the exterior of the mixer grinder with a damp cloth.
  • For tough stains, you can use a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar to scrub the affected area.
  • Always make sure the mixer grinder is dry before plugging it in.

Methods to clean mixer grinder

Mixer grinder

Listed below are methods for cleaning a mixer grinder which I prefer when needed:

  1. Detergent liquid -Run your mixer normally after pouring in the liquid detergent. This will allow your mixer to clean itself automatically. Your jars and the blades will be squeaky clean as soon as you rinse off the foam. Your mixer grinder’s body can also be cleaned with liquid detergent. You can quickly remove stains by wiping the body with kitchen towels or paper towels.
  2. Baking Powder– Here is another excellent cleaner. Mix baking powder with water to make a paste. Use it on the blender, and then set it aside for 15 minutes. Afterwards, use a clean, moist towel to wash down the surface. Any existing odors will also be eliminated by this method.
  3. Peeled lemons -A fresh zesty scent will replace pungent smells with this unique method. Apply lemon peels to jars, lids and the body and rub gently. You should let the solution sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing them. Apply a damp cloth to the body and wipe it clean.
  4. AlcoholYou will need to mix it with water in order to prepare the cleaning solution. Your mixer grinder’s body, blades, and jars can all be cleaned with this mixture. The odour will also be eliminated!
  5. Washing powder– Use a sponge to scrub your mixer grinder’s body with some washing powder mixed with water. Hopefully, any stains will come off. For an even stronger mixture, mix vinegar with water and then make a paste. You should be able to remove your stains easily.
  6. Vinegar– Vinegar itself is a very powerful cleaning agent. Clean your mixer grinder body with a sponge diluted in water. There will be no difficulty in removing old stains caused by extended use also.

Maintenance Tips

Keep your kitchen appliance in good condition with these quick tips.

  • The appliance should be used on a flat surface.
  • Keep the mixer grinder dry while using it or you could suffer an electric shock.
  • You should grind or blend the ingredients at room temperature to prevent the motor from getting damaged
  • The appliance should not be used at full speed right after it has been switched on. The speed should be increased gradually from the lowest to the highest.
  • You should always clean the jar well and dry it before storing it.
  • You should use the same brand of accessories or parts to avoid problems

At this point, you have unquestionably mastered the proper method for washing the mixer grinder. But there’s one key detail I left out. Some small, tight spaces won’t be reachable. Earbuds, toothbrush, and toothpick! You can get the job done with just three little items. Did you ever try them? Before cleaning any appliance, also make sure you unplug it. So, now is the time to grab it!  

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