How to exchange old mixer grinder in amazon?

An easy mixer grinder is essential when it comes to blending and juicing fruits and vegetables at home. Guess what? You have the option of exchanging your outdated Mixer Grinder for a brand new one on Amazon. You can get some of the best products at half the price when you buy mixer grinders from this site! In return for your old one, you have the option of purchasing any high-quality brand, such as Preethi, Usha, Panasonic, Bajaj, and many more.

How to exchange old mixer grinder in Amazon: Steps of exchanging

If you have an old and outdated mixer grinder at home that is just not working anymore, I recommend you should upgrade to a new one. The following are the steps of how to exchange old mixer grinder in amazon.

  • Step 1: Login to Amazon
  • Step 2: Choose the mixer grinder product which you wish to purchase on Amazon
  • Step 3: The next step is to check the location to find out if exchanges are available at your location. Currently, only few cities are eligible for the exchange offer
  • Step 4: Check for the ‘With exchange’ option which is present on the product detail page and check if the product is available or eligible for this exchange offer  
  • Step 5: Simply enter the basic information of your used product to view the exchange price and also discount
  • Step 6: To proceed with the purchase, click on ‘Buy Now With Exchange’
  • Step 7: Amazon’s delivery associate will pick up your used product and do a quality check and deliver the brand new product
Mixer grinder exchanging tips

Note-Exchange Offer values are applied to used orders based on the details entered for the used product. Upon delivery of the new product, if the details entered are different than those on the exchanged product, the order will be cancelled and the new product will not be delivered.

Is there a condition in which mixer grinder items must be kept for exchange?

Items in good to non-functional condition are currently accepted by Amazon. A good condition trade-in device will earn you the highest value. Amazon’s Electronics Eligibility Criteria page has full descriptions of all the conditions. Items that do not function properly can be submitted to a recycler that Amazon has already been approved, and if you do so, you will be eligible for promotional credit that can be applied against any new Amazon Device purchase that meets certain criteria.

Guidelines for used conditions on Amazon

  • Used – New or opened box- There is no damage to the item, with or without the original protective packaging, and it works perfectly. There must be instructions included.
  • Used- Excellent condition-The item has been handled gently, used only seldom, and is in excellent functioning condition. It may have minor flaws such as scratches or color variation. The product could have been repackaged or its original packing could have been damaged. Each of the item’s missing parts must be specified
  • Used- Good condition- The item is in good working order and has no major flaws, although it does exhibit some signs of normal use. Shipping damage or repackaging is possible. There may be some scuffs and scratches on it. Parts, accessories, and/or directions could be absent
  • Used but acceptable- It is functional, but also it appears to be fairly worn, with the original packaging damaged or repackaged. Shows traces of use, such as scuffs or has been marked in some way. It’s possible that some of the components, extras, and manuals are missing

The world would be a very different place if we didn’t have mixer grinders! Ultimately, it simplifies life in minutes. You can exchange your old mixer grinder on Amazon for a brand new one if you want a new one. In spite of this, the specifications for each model are subject to frequent upgrades, so please cross-check the specifications for each model before making your purchase.

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