Kashmir: Heaven Turned to Hell on Earth

The tug of war about the possession of Kashmir has been a decades old dispute that resulted into wars and an unending rest for both India and Pakistan, thereby establishing the Line of Control (LOC). Now India controls around 50% of the state, Pakistan and China control 30% and 15% respectively. A plethora of separatist groups erupted demanding to separate Jammu and Kashmir from India. Constant militant activities have been occurring within the area of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK). The matter of concern hereby lies not in the possession of the state, but the involvement of the locals in the militant activities and the funding of terrorism.  Apart from brainwashing the young minds in order to drag them into such activities, Kashmir has been a gate for the pushing of drugs into India via Punjab from Afghanistan. The money procured from selling of narcotics and drugs through the drug rackets have been used to fund terror activities in India and other countries too.

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Why Kashmir?

The people in Kashmir were psychologically frustrated and saturated with the fake promises made by the Government and the constant unrest in the state. The people of the state felt that they had no social status globally. As them. With unemployment and illiteracy soaring high in the state, the militants conveniently started providing jobs to the locals in the form of militant activities and bring money through selling of drugs and narcotics.

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As the belief goes, the weak ones are the easiest targets; the militant groups were ready to lay the trap towards perpetrating terrorism in Kashmir. Earning easy money paved the way for the locals to involve themselves into such activities. Over the time, illiteracy and unemployment diminished its importance as a factor as educated ones also started getting involved in order to earn easy money after having lost faith in the Government. They wanted to see Kashmir as an independent nation.

Hence, attracting the Kashmir locals, especially the young minds into the drug racket and various militant groups wasn’t a cake walk.

The Execution of the plan

According to the Jammu and Kashmir police, illegal drug trade is the major source that funds militancy in Kashmir. Through Narco-trade crores of rupees is transferred crossing the LoC and sold in Punjab, New Delhi and Mumbai. The proceeds collected by selling drugs are then used for the sustenance of the militant groups in Kashmir valley. The Narco-trade is majorly conducted and run by Lashkar terrorists based in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK). The Khalistan Movement that was established in Punjab helped the ISI in transporting weapons and drugs into the country. They played a major role in funding and conducting attacks in Punjab. Though there hasn’t been any terrorist activity in Punjab, the Khalistan movement still shows its existence in the state.

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Though Pakistan has been cultivating opium on a large scale, farmers in South Kashmir have also been forced to cultivate poppy seeds and cannabis in order to generate fundsfor funding of terrorism. Drugs and narcotics are produced and the end products are then kept at the LoC, pushed to the other side of the border by militant handlers. The militant handlers and supporters in Kashmir collect the material and distributes them to the drug rackets in New Delhi, Punjab and Mumbai. Crores of rupees is thereby collected and distributed among the militant organizations for funding terrorism.

The Main Strategy and Target

The ISI lures the economically backward Muslims in India. By targeting the youth of poor and illiterate families, they successfully carry out the illegal activities at a good pace swiftly. Along with the falsely instilled vengeance, the young minds are lured to earn huge amount of money through militant supporting activities and terrorism in Kashmir.

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Along with the locals of Kashmir, youth around the country of India is targeted with drug addiction and abuse. This has hereby resulted to a huge brain drain not only in Kashmir but also in other states of India. The growth is indirectly arrested with the exploitation by the drug rackets. United Nations International Drug Control Program survey has reported 70,000 drug addicts in Kashmir. 70% of the youth community were involved out of which 26% consisted of girls and women.


A little doorway from the borders of the country has led to major loss holistically. The financial capital has been repeatedly targeted alongside all the other states in India. The adverse socio-psychological factors in Kashmir valley has paved way to the growth of militant groups and terrorism in Kashmir. Moreover, the militants are respected and given a Godly stature among the locals in the Kashmir valley. The funerals of the militants have huge mobs attending and offering homage.

Though the rest of the country still fights and stands against terrorism, the condition of the people in Kashmir still remains at a dwindling point. Kashmir after having lost its aborigines, i.e. the Kashmiri Pandits, followed by an entire generation holding the gun, now sees another era of young drug abusers.

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