Narendra Modi salary per month 2021: PM Modi’s net worth 3.07 crore, rise by 22 lakh, as per his latest declaration

According to the official data,  Prime Minister Modi’s net worth is rupees 3.07 crore as per his latest declaration, a rise of 22 lakh from last year’s 2.85 crores.

PM Narendra Modi, like many other ministers who don’t have any stock market exposure and his investment, continues to be in the form of a National Savings certificate (8.9 lakh), life insurance policies ( 1.5 lakh), and L&T infrastructure bonds, Narendra Modi net worth 2021 in rupees is 20,000.

The increase in Wealth is primarily due to his fixed deposits in the Gandhinagar Branch of the State Bank of India. According to the self-declaration which was filed by PM Modi, the fixed deposit amounts to 1.86 crores as of March 31 as against ₹1.6 crores last year.

Modi doesn’t own any vehicles. He has four gold rings worth 1.48 lakh.  Part of Modi’s net worth 2021, is his bank balance which is 1.5 lakh in addition to cash in hand of Rs. 36,000 as of March 2021 which is less than that of last year.

Modi has not bought any new property since he became the Prime Minister in 2014. His only residential property which was brought in 2002 is valued at 1.1 crores. It is a joint property and the PM has only one-fourth share in it.

During the Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s term, the government decided that all the Union Ministers will have to voluntarily declare their assets and liabilities at the end of each financial year for greater transparency in public life. The declaration is available in the public domain and can be accessed through the PM’s website.

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