New Species of Frog Discovered in the Caves of Meghalaya

Researchers from the Zoological Survey of India found a new frog species in a cave in South Garo Hills, Meghalaya. The frog has been called Amolops siju and is the second frog found within a cave in India after Micrixalus spelunca was discovered in 2014.

The finding was made in January 2020, when the researchers walked inside the Siju cave system, which is around 4 kilometers long. The frog was found 60-100 meters deep into the cave. The researchers obtained tissue samples from the specimen to analyze and identify their exact identification.

The Siju cave system is noted for its unique environment and is home to diverse plants and wildlife. The discovery of the new frog species has contributed to further understanding of the vast biodiversity of the area.

The researchers have reported their discoveries in the Journal of Animal Diversity, where they discuss the morphological traits of the Amolops siju. The frog has remarkable patterns and is around 5 cm in length. It has a distinctive call and dwells in fast-flowing streams.

The discovery of the Amolops siju underscores the importance of caves in protecting biodiversity. Caves are often disregarded as homes for creatures, and the discovery of new species underscores the need for additional research and conservation efforts.

The researchers believe that the finding of the Amolops siju would increase awareness about the importance of cave systems and the necessity for their conservation. The discovery also presents a chance for additional research into the evolution and ecology of cave-dwelling organisms.

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