Outrage in Mizoram as Three Citizens Killed in Myanmar, Border Closure Announced

Mara ThyutliaPy (MTP), a youth organization in Mizoram, has announced the permanent closure of the border between Mizoram and Myanmar in their sector. The decision came after the brutal murder of three people from Mizoram, two of whom belonged to Chhuarlung village in Myanmar. The incident has caused outrage among the people of Mizoram, who have expressed solidarity with the suffering of the people of Myanmar under the military junta and ongoing civil unrest.

The Young Lai Association (CYLA), the major civil society organization in the adjacent Lawngtlai district, has also denounced the triple homicide and warned against similar acts. They underlined that occurrences like these could lead to the healthy bonds between Mizo brothers and sisters in Mizoram and Myanmar falling apart.

The Chin Defence Force (CDF) of Mindat in Chin state is allegedly responsible for the killings, according to Baby lallensung, the daughter of one of the victims. The authorities have not yet verified the identity of the culprits.

The closure of the border by MTP is expected to have significant implications for trade and the movement of people between Mizoram and Myanmar. The decision comes as a reminder of Myanmar’s escalating violence and instability, which has led to an influx of refugees into Mizoram in recent months.

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