PM Modi’s UN speech on the Afghan Taliban: Pointed messaging towards Pakistan as well

PM Modi in his address to the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, in a veiled comment towards Pakistan, said that the countries that nurture terrorism, must be aware that terrorism is an equal threat to them as the rest of the world.

PM Modi in his UNGA address after highlighting the achievements of his government spoke about terrorism and the situation in Afghanistan. Further, the PM warned that such countries which support terrorism and use it as a political tool, have to understand that terrorism is an equally big threat to them.

After the Taliban capture of Kabul, it is now evident that Pakistan is responsible for providing financial and intelligence help to the Taliban regime. PM Modi in UN speech on the Afghan Taliban issue noted that the general public and minorities have to be protected in Afghanistan.

On other avenues, the PM proposed that the World should make science-based rationale and progressive thinking the basis of their development programs. He noted that in contrast regressive thinking and extremism are increasingly threatening the world. PM said that India is promoting experience-based learning intending to strengthen the science-based approach.

PM Modi also criticized the UN status quo in his speech, stating that if the UN has to be relevant in 21 century, the UN needs reforms, in his Speech PM also pointed out that the UN was not successful in handling Afghanistan Crisis as well as in various proxy wars across the world.

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