Rahul Gandhi heads for long march across the country to revive India’s Congress party

On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi, leader of India’s main opposition party, the Congress, set off on a lengthy march across the nation. He plans to visit 12 states in an effort to reinvigorate the Congress party in India. While the plan seems promising on paper, it’s unclear whether or not it will bear fruit in the digital age.

To the tune of a hundred Congress party members along with Rahul Gandhi will be making the journey. It will take them around five months to travel the 3,570 kilometres (2,218 mi) across 12 states. “Unite India” is the term Rahul Gandhi has given to his trip. During the day, he will socialize, and at night, he will rest in improvised quarters. Additionally, the trip will be broadcast live on a website and music will be played to aid in spreading the message.

The march clearly has a goal in mind. It’s an effort to give the sagging Congress party a new lease of life across the country. In addition, the trip may aid in restoring Rahul Gandhi’s flagging reputation.

While it’s always been a good idea to keep in touch with the country’s citizens, the Congress party has to attempt something new if they want to make a return. Since PM Modi took office, Congress has had a rough run of it, losing 40 of 45 state elections and losing both federal elections. It is currently in power in only two states.

However, except from a promise of a secular India, it remains unclear what the Congress party actually advocates for. On top of that, Rahul Gandhi’s own hilarious public statements have been directly responsible for a number of problems.

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