Side Effects of Multani Mitti: Is it good for health?

First, let’s take a closer look at what Multani Mitti is. Fuller’s Earth, or Multani Mitti, is a popular ingredient known for its cosmetic and medicinal benefits. Since it is highly potent at absorbing oil and grease, it was originally used for industrial impurities. “Multani Mitti” is named after the place of origin, “Multan”, located in Pakistan. You will learn some of the uses of Multani mitti and its side effects in this article, as it is naturally produced in abundant quantities and has a range of benefits for your hair and skin.

Multani mitti

Uses of Fuller’s Earth/ Multani Mitti

Face Masks– Fuller’s earth is commonly used in face packs or face masks. There are numerous skin problems that we all face, including acne, pimples, blemishes, skin reddening, and a host of others. All of these skin issues are caused by exposure of our skin to pollution or the dirt accumulation and oil inside our open pores. It is therefore important to maintain healthy and clean skin.

Multani Mitti- Fullers Earth

Fuller’s earth is one of the most effective ingredients for resolving such issues and blockages in the skin. Absorbing unhealthy oil, it can help to resolve these issues. In the market, you can find many types of masks and packs. Doing so helps remove dirt and oil from inside the pores. One can get the perfect skin texture or quality with the help of aloe Vera gel, lemon, rosewater, and any other skin-friendly ingredients. Therefore, face packs and face masks with it are used for achieving precise and healthy skin.

Multani mitti mask

Cleans Oil Stains– As well as being useful for cosmetics, Fuller’s earth can also be used for various household chores. It is considered one of the most valuable ingredients in clearing oil stains. Yet, all of us love fried, greasy, and spicy foods. It is the oil stains that we all dread the most. Consequently, people always check their clothes for oil or pickle stains as it is difficult or impossible to clean them up when they do. Similarly, cleaning up an oil stain or spilled oil on the floor is time-consuming. Fuller’s earth, however, comes to the rescue. A simple sprinkle of fuller’s earth over oil spills or an application of a paste made of fuller’s earth and water helps remove stubborn oil stains. As a result, it is also an effective solution to ease your household life.

Oil Stains

Healthy Body Scrub– Fuller’s earth is also a valuable body scrub. It is important to take care of our bodies in the same way we take care of our faces and our hair. Today’s soaps and body washes are incredibly drying to our skin, and they absorb the natural oils. Thus, our skin does not receive the necessary nourishment and remains dry. By using fuller’s earth and oatmeal to make a simple but effective scrub, we can nourish our skin and scrub it naturally. In addition to providing nourishment to the skin, oatmeal helps keep it moisturized. Our skin is also kept healthy and supple by gently scrubbing dead skin cells. It serves as a natural conditioner as well, maintaining moisture without drying them out excessively.

Multani mitti use on back

Despite claims that Multani Mitti can lighten the skin, there is anecdotal evidence that fuller’s earth can be used to lighten the skin. Currently, no such scientific evidence has been found suggesting that it is effective as a skin lightener. Hyperpigmentation of the skin can also be treated naturally with several home remedies. Fuller’s earth is not the only way to get rid of sunspots and discolored skin patches, such as hydroquinone and other proven treatments.

Side effects of Multani Mitti on the skin and health

Fine silicates and many minerals are used to make Multani Mitti. When mixed with water, it produces a smooth, elastic texture that can create beautiful, shiny hair. Some people consume Multani mitti internally for treating ailments like acidity. However, the article will discuss in detail the side effects of Multani Mitti.

When considering the side effects of Multani mitti, most people ask:

  1. Is it safe for dry skin or sensitive skin?
  2. Is it safe to eat Fuller’s Earth?

You should stop right there if you tend to have dry skin that gets red and blotchy in the summer heat and have been considering applying a cooling Multani mitti pack. The Multani mitti should not be used on dry skin or excessively sensitive skin. The high absorption powers of the Mitti can cause your skin to become dry. If your skin is dry, you can add almonds plus milk to give you a less severe result. As an alternative of Multani mitti, you can try kaolin clay, known to calm. The side effects of Multani mitti face packs are also a concern. Usually, it dries out your skin and leaves your skin dehydrated. Before using the clay, it’s always better to try a small amount of the pack on your skin for safety’s sake and test the mixture on a small area of your skin for side effects and wait one day. If there’s no itching, redness, or rash, then you may be safe.

Smearing Multani mitti
side effect raw and red skin
  • Smearing Multani mitti on your face is not the best way to maintain your skin’s natural pH balance if you get easily irritated. Since the clay absorbs so much, it can irritate your skin, leaving it raw and red.
  • Fuller’s earth can cause respiratory issues due to its high cooling ability. It is mainly used to relieve heat and sunburns on the chest when used as a stick.
  • You can get wrinkles by using Multani mitti- Firstly, if you believe in today’s world that oily skin does not get wrinkles, I have a message for you: you couldn’t be more wrong. Drying products like Multani mitti give lines and wrinkles more room to settle. If it dries on your skin, Multani mitti makes it challenging to move your face and you may really feel a tug on the skin. The skin is stretching as a result. If you’re a regular user, you may leave Multani mitti on for longer than usual without causing any damage, but if you leave it on too long, you may invite file lines into your system.
  • Breakage of hair can occur after using Multani Mitti-When you’re living with an oily scalp and you’re considering using Fuller’s earth, know that it takes time to remove Multani mitti from your face. As you rub your head, imagine it sticking to your hair follicles and it clinging to your scalp. It might not be an issue if you have strong hair. Multani mitti can cause hair breakage and hair loss in people with fine and brittle hair

Multan Mitti consumption:

To understand the Multani mitti consumption, one must consider the following:

  1. Can Multani mitti be consumed?
  2. Is there any health benefit to consuming Fuller’s Earth?
  3. Do pregnant women avoid consuming Multan Mitti?
Eating multani mitti

Clays like this usually are not meant for human consumption. A stop-up or block in the intestines could consume this type of soil. A kidney stone can also result from the consumption of fuller’s earth. Is there a strange craving for non-food substances or substances that don’t have nutritional value to you? Pica may be the source of your pain. A healthy pregnant woman will often crave non-food items like brick, chalk, and paper. Conversely, consult your physician if you find that you are craving for fuller’s earth strongly or otherwise abnormally.

Side Effects of consuming Multani Mitti:

  • Multani mitti should not be eaten. The elements contained in Multani mitti cannot be digested by your stomach. As a result, you may suffer from indigestion.
  • The second most essential thing is that it is nothing but dirt. This mineral-rich rock is toxic to the human intestines because it contains many essential nutrients and minerals.
  • You shouldn’t include them in drinks or salads either. That won’t help. Applying it to your skin with some face pack is the only way it will help but also in exceptional cases.
  • Multani Mitti can cause intestinal bleeding and poisoning when consumed. Other side effects include muscle weakness and skin rashes.
  • Multani Mitti can cause breathing problems and choking your intestines if consumed.

Multani Mitti Can Cause Side Effects During Pregnancy:

Pregnant women should avoid eating Multani mitti. In addition to being a health risk, it can also cause stomach disorders. The digestive system and general health can be affected significantly. Whether you are pregnant or not, you should avoid eating Multani mitti because it adversely affects both the baby and the mother.

The health benefits of Fuller’s earth are numerous. Many people eat Multani Mitti, but this can cause severe complications. Many people believe Multani Mitti to be a magical elixir that can cure all problems. Multani Mitti is regularly consumed in water or milk, and they begin to think that their issues are being resolved. If repeated for a long time, this can result in serious health issues and even prove fatal. Multani Mitti should only be used on the skin and hair. There’s no doubt that this magical clay can effectively clear the skin and rejuvenate the scalp. As such, not all-natural remedies are appropriate for all skin and hair types, just as no one shoe fits all. Thus, if you have damaged, dry, or sensitive skin and hair—then it’s better to avoid Multani mitti.

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