The Benefits of Reetha For Hair

Reetha or soap nut comes from the soap nut tree and is called Arishtak in Ayurveda. It is a traditional medicine given a lot of importance by Ayurveda. This plant grows on the foothills of the Himalayas and has amazing detoxifying properties. Each tree gives 35 kgs of fruit every year and all parts of this plant possess some medicinal properties. know more about the benefits of reetha for hair.
The reetha has many uses and in Ayurvedic scriptures, it is mentioned that it can be used to treat many skin disorders and psychiatric syndromes. Reetha is found in tropical countries like India, China, and Nepal. It also grows abundantly in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Goa, and the Konkan coastline as a cash crop.

In this post, we have discussed this amazing herb and if you have any hair problems you might consider using it and hopefully solve all your hair issues.

What makes reetha so powerful?

Reetha is rich in phenolic acids like protocatechuic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, cis-P-coumaric acid, and cinnamic acid. The reetha seeds contain different fatty acids like arachidic, behenic, oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic, Sapindus acid, and oleanolic acid. Every part of the plant also has medicinal properties.

The seeds also have trifluoride, glucopyranosides of stigmasterol, sapindiside (C, D, E), hederagenin, kaempferol, Beta-sitosterol, quercetin, starch, and protein. The reetha’s pericarp contains genins, methyl oleanolic, and methylhedragenate. Reetha is rich in natural antioxidants and improves overall health.

Reetha for hair

Why use Reetha?

Reetha is an excellent cleanser because of the presence of saponins and is used in making face wash and soap. Reetha helps moisturize the skin by hydrating it and preventing the drying of the skin.

It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are useful in treating skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. That is why you will find many face cleansers with Reetha added to them among other ingredients.


Reetha is an excellent de-wormer and is consumed to kill the worms in the stomach. It also helps in controlling your weight and is very helpful in increasing your metabolism. It even helps in managing arthritis. Applying Reetha will decrease the swelling and pain in your joints according to Ayurveda.

Benefits of Reetha for hair

Benefits of Reetha for hair

We hope reading through all that we have written has convinced you of the power of Reetha. You might be wondering how it helps the hair. Reetha is a powerful antioxidant that removes toxins from the body and when applied to the hair it reduces hair fall, removes dandruff, and leaves behind shiny, lustrous black hair.

  • The saponin present in Reetha acts as a natural surfactant that clears the dirt, dust, oil present in your hair and the vitamins present in Reetha stimulate the hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It also helps in strengthening the roots.
  • If you suffer from chronic dandruff then your prayers are answered with Reetha. According to Ayurveda dandruff is marked by flakes of dry skin on the scalp. Reetha helps in controlling dandruff and hydrating the scalp and restoring its Ph balance.
  • Regular use of reetha decreases split ends of your hair to a great extent.
  • Reetha is also very effective against head lice. It acts as a natural insecticide and helps you get rid of them from your scalp and enriches your hair at the same time.
  • Reetha is rich in Vitamins A, D, E, and K which gives the hair a lustrous shine after you wash your hair with it. It also acts as a natural conditioner and conditions your hair by taming the frizz out of your hair.
  • Reetha obviously is a natural remedy hence it is free from chemicals and parabens. It is an all in 1 solution to all your hair problems and revives your hair naturally and doesn’t have any side effects.
  • And of course, it is very eco-friendly as there are no chemicals involved.
  • Reetha also prevents dryness. If your hair is dry and you suffer from split ends then apply reetha to your hair. It will make your hair soft and shiny and you can easily manage your hair.
  • The soap nuts of reetha detangle your hair making them smooth and soft. You will find your hair well-conditioned and easy to style after washing your hair with reetha.

Now after learning about the benefits of this amazing plant we are sure that you might be curious as to how to use it. We, have elaborated on how to use this medicinal plant further below. So, please keep reading!

How to use it?

I have given instructions on how you can use Reetha powder for your skin:

  1. Reetha powder can be bought online from Amazon or Flipkart or you can buy it in stores
  2. Take 1 teaspoon of reetha powder
  3. Mix it with rose water and make a paste
  4. Massage this paste gently over the skin
  5. Wash with water later
  6. Do this daily for beautiful, hydrated skin

The instructions for hair are as follows:

  1. You can mix reetha powder with amla or shikakai powder as well
  2. Add some water to this mixture to form a paste
  3. Take a clean brush and apply this paste to your hair and wait for 5-6 hours
  4. Wash your hair thoroughly with plain water
  5. You can combine reetha powder with ale vera as well and apply it to your hair
  6. Do the remedies discussed above regularly (1-2 times a week) and you will definitely see a noticeable difference.

Furthermore, Reetha doesn’t have any side effects as such however when you are using it you must prevent it from entering your eyes, which could result in swollen eyelids. Always use soap nut of good quality and don’t buy inferior quality without researching properly.

Always do a patch test first before using the product. If you find yourself developing an itch or a rash or any other issue after the patch test then you must understand that you are allergic to Reetha and must discard the product immediately. After you make the soap nut paste, immediately use it. Do not use unused soapnut which has been lying around for 72 hours. Throw it away immediately.


Reetha is an amazing plant that has many uses. It is used in so many things and in a variety of ways. Every part of this plant has medicinal properties and is an amazing antioxidant. A pack of pure Reetha powder can be bought online and used not only for the hair but also for the skin and joints.

It also acts as an excellent insecticide and is very effective in the prevention of head lice. So, after reading my post on Reetha, we hope you ditch your chemical-laden shampoos and opt for Reetha instead. It’s not only good for your health but also the environment as it is very eco-friendly. We, hope it has helped you in knowing the benefits of Reetha for hair.

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