Union Minister Harsh Vardhan gave important insights with regards to COVID-19 vaccine and it’s availability

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan talked on various important topics while giving an interview to Zee News. During the interview given by him on Wednesday, he talked on various crucial topics. He mainly talked on three matters, which are- COVID-19 vaccine, fund given to the Delhi Govt. for tackling the pandemic and another lockdown in Delhi. During the interview Vardhan informed that the Central government is closely monitoring the situation in Delhi and would be providing all the necessary help required.

During the interview, Harsh Vardhan shared his views on the Covid-19 vaccine and told about the government’s plans with regards to the vaccine of COVID-19. He stated “I am confident that the vaccine will be ready by early next year. We have been preparing for the last two-three months on the group to whom we will give vaccine first is being arranged. By June-July-August 2021, we are preparing complete modernities to give vaccines to 25 to 30 crore people. We provide vaccine to crores of children in one day, the whole system is there, the government is fully using the old experience and a solid strategy is also being prepared.”

He also talked about the rise in the COVID-19 patients in Delhi. He said “For the first time when we reviewed the situation in Delhi, a few months ago, five to six thousand tests were being done and now we got it increased to 20,000-25,000. Now when we have reviewed the situation in Delhi again, we feel that there is a need for an increase in testing, and probably not the same amount of testing was happening in Delhi. There should be a lot of intervention with sharp eyes and there was a need for more strengthening”.

“Now again the situation in the country is getting better but the situation in Delhi is getting worse. So the Centre has again taken the initiative and the Home Minister has called the meeting again and asked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Delhi Governor to take all the required steps,” he also said.

Vardhan also shared his views on lockdown in Delhi by saying “I think whatever is the situation in Delhi, there is a need for more disciplined behaviour inside the society. Home Ministry is holding a meeting in detail about this, right now. At weddings, 50 people have been given permission from 200. But I personally do not feel the need for extensive lockdown repetition in Delhi.”

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