Diamond found in Nagaland, Wanching Village

According to journal current Science Publication there were rocks found along the Indo-Myanmar ranges, in Wanching village along Myanmar border, of Nagaland.

On further investigation, taken by some local geologist and academic students of Nagaland on monday stated their opinion, the stone that were found by the villagers in Wanching were sparkling crystal stones.The rock termed ‘ophiolite’ which has a section of earth’s oceanic crust often emplaced onto continental crustal rocks. The villagers were very much optimistic about the sparkling stone, campaign were being conducted near the wanching village in order to unearth the diamond out. On thursday, the director of geologist and Mining department of Nagaland, S Manen authorized four geologist Abenthung Lotha, Longrikaba, Kenyelo Rengma and David Lhoupenyi, to find the truth about the sparkling stones. Consequently, after prisma facie investigation by the team of geologist, they came up with a conclusion that the sparkling stones were not diamonds. These is the detailed submission of news as reported by Readers! Cafe.

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