Hospital on Wheels: Lifeline Express, the first of it’s kind, enters Barak Valley

December 24,2020: Seemingly the perfect Christmas and New Year present for the people of Barak Valley, “Lifeline Express” or the “Jeevan Rekha Express” has made it’s stop at Badarpur station for the month of January 2021.

The “Hospital on Wheels” has served across both the axes of the country and treated more than a million people. The train will serve the people of Barak Valley from 5th January to 24th January 2021. It’ll be it’s 210th project since it’s inception in 1991.

    The crew and staff of the hospital train are currently assessing the local medical conditions and conducting research on the people and their health issues so as to equip themselves with best of the necessities for the upcoming service. 

        Senior Operating Officer of the hospital, Chandrakanta Deshpande told Barak bulletin, “We are conducting the outreach program and it will continue till 9th January. Thereafter all the beneficiaries will be called on according to the schedule and treated. Everything is free and anyone from any of the three districts can reach out to us.” She further added that, “Earlier, there used to be a huge crowd surrounding the train as people took it as a health camp and begin to throng the train but this time pertaining to COVID situation, we will limit the number. We are conducting doorstep screening so that only the required patients can be called on.”

         The Lifeline Express is running the entire length and breadth of the country since July 16, 1991. It’s inception was visualised by the collaboration between Impact India Foundation (IIF), Indian Railways and the Health Ministry of the country. During it’s service period spanning three decades, it has served millions of poor with best medical treatment of the times, free of cost. It treats Polio patients, and has also successfully gifted sight and hearing ability to the blind and the deaf respectively. It also spreads awareness about several medical conditions and their treatment including oral, cervical and breast Cancer. 

      The train has secen coaches and is equipped with two, best of its kind, operation theatre with 5 operating tables. It has X-ray, pathology, colposcope and mammography labs. The dental department of the train has three dental chairs. Registered patients can have their blood pressure and sugar level tested and with proper prior appointment, patients can also avail general consultation, PAP-Samer, mammography and oral CA screening. 

        The train has a total of 20 medical lifeline staff and will also have visiting consultants from all over the country specialist in the different fields of medicine. 

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