Assam News | Man in Guwahati Arrested Over Fake Medical Certification

A man named Simon Nag was arrested by Guwahati City Police on Thursday for the charge of possessing fake medical certification. The man was arrested in Assam’s Dibrugarh district on Thursday by Guwahati Police.

Fake doctors assam getting arrested
Photo Courtesy: The Shillong Times

This fake med cert scam was caught by Dr. Abhijit Neog of a Guwahati-based hospital. Dr. Neog, established contact with the real Dr Stephen Antony, the original registration number holder, Dr. Antony graduated from St. John’s Medical College, Bengaluru in 2006 and got his registration from Medical Council of India in 2007.

I checked the details of the original registration number holder in Indian Medical Registry where the permanent address of the doctor is Malleswaram in Bengaluru. I was surprised at the Singapore connection with a Dibrugarh tea garden

Dr. Abhijit Neog

About a week ago, a few of  juniors of Dr Neog had informed him about the suspicious nature of the fake doctor, when the administration ramped up Covid vigilance in the tea gardens.

Identity theft of doctors is not new in India. Mostly, doctors working in remote locations or abroad are targeted

Dr. Abhijit Neog

Fake med cert holder Simon Nag in his statement admitted before the media that he never passed MBBS but had passed matric exam. “I prescribed medicines like a doctor. I don’t know where is the confusion. I will produce my original documents before the court,” Nag said.

Police filed a case against the fake doctor but suspect the involvement of a bigger racket. During investigation police found that Nag had failed class 10 exam in 2003 and scored just 137 marks overall. From 2009 he has been posing and prescribing as a doctor and had served in several big tea estates before joining Mokalbari tea estate.

Author: Nileshwar Roy

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