Citizens meeting in Silchar to protest against the attacks on minorities in Tripura

A citizens’ meeting was held in Silchar to protest against the attack on minorities in Tripura. The meeting was held at the Pensioners’ Building in Silchar on Saturday. Forum for Social Harmony and Chorus was organized.

Former Justice Anwar Uddin Barlaskar and prominent social activist Mahitosh Pal presided over the meeting. Arindam Dev, convener of the Forum for Social Harmony, in his introductory remarks explained the purpose of the meeting and said that people are aware of the attacks on minorities in Bangladesh and protested down the street. In the same way, it is necessary to build a united movement to protest against the oppression of minorities in Tripura. Arindam questioned the need for a larger movement to resist communal forces at the civic meeting.

Lawyer Imad Uddin Bulbul said the attack on minorities in Tripura was part of the politics of the BJP-ruled government. We have to stand firm against the politics of this religion-based blind insanity. Social activist Kamal Chakraborty spoke of resisting communal forces. Teacher Sukalpa Dutta opined that there is a need for the media to play a responsible role in the current situation, Krishanu Bhattacharjee has recommended protest. Student leader Prashant Bhattacharjee expressed his displeasure that communalism has spread in the country. Manoj Deb said that the process of looting and exploitation is being taken forward by trapping people in religious opium. Writers and social activists Arup Vaishya, Mrinalkanti Som, Pradeep Nath, Manas Das, Snigdha Nath, Navasmita Das, Sahidul Haque, Neelu Das, and others also spoke.

On this day, it was expressed in the citizens’ meeting that communal clashes are taking place to cover up the unbridled price rise and the governments’ failure to meet the basic needs of the people. Chairman of the meeting Anwar Uddin Barlaskar called upon the conscious citizens to come forward against communalism. Mahitosh Paul from the presidency said that the majority should play a leading role in protecting the rights of minorities. Biswajit Das of the chorus compiled and discussed the decisions of the meeting. Decisions have been taken in the meeting to take joint anti-communal propaganda initiatives with various organizations and to spread it across the country and also in Barak Valley.

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