10 Best Gas Stove Brands in India (June 2023)

The kitchen is probably the most important part of the house. Without a kitchen, is it even a home? We can settle that debate later, but here I am discussing something that is the lifeline of Indian kitchens – the gas stove. Yes, I know, ovens and induction cooktops are also viable options, but here we are discussing only about the best gas stove brands in India. There are numerous brands in India that produce gas stoves for the home kitchen, but before you go out and buy one, wouldn’t you like to know the one that suits you the best? I have written this article to do just that. I have highlighted the best gas stove brands in India, of course, but I have also mentioned the key considerations that you need to keep in mind to find the right fit for you. Why choose a particular brand? Why choose a gas stove at all? What would be the right size stove for you? How many burner stoves should you get? I hope you will find answers to all such queries in this article.

List of the best gas stove brands in India:

Following is the list of the best gas stove brands in India

This brand is considered the best gas stove brand in India. They are famous for producing sturdy and stylish stoves. They have a wide variety, from traditional-style gas stoves to modern glass hob top stoves for you to choose from. The brand is reliable and gives innumerable reasons to trust it. Besides, it designs the most attractive and accessible stoves to enhance the look of your kitchen. They manufacture top-quality products and consider customer satisfaction as their priority.

Why should you select Prestige?

You should select Prestige because:

  • There is a wide range of varieties to choose from.
  • You can easily use and clean their gas stoves.
  • They offer the best warranty policy on their products.
  • They are extremely energy efficient.

This is another popular gas stove brand in India. It might not have a wide variety of models, but it has gained trust in the market. It is known for producing quality and usable products that has no match. They have traditional gas stoves with stainless steel bodies and a modern-looking gas stove with attractive glass tops. Its products are both durable and efficient at the same time.

Why should you select Sunflame?

You should select Sunflame because:

  • It produces durable products.
  • You can easily clean and maintain its gas stove.
  • It has a durable design.
  • Its sleek design of gas stoves can elevate the entire look of your kitchen.

The products from the brand Surya have been popular in the Indian market for quite a long time now. Although they might not have flourished in other kitchen sectors, their gas stoves are highly durable and reliable. They are well-known for their practical, sturdy, and simple design. Their gas stoves can be maintained easily and fit well into Indian kitchens.

Why should you select Surya Gas Stoves?

You should select Surya Gas stoves because:

  • They are extremely practical.
  • You can easily maintain them.
  • They are energy efficient and can last for a long time.

If you are an Indian, you have undoubtedly heard about this brand at least once. It has a deep nostalgic connection with our childhood. They are famous for manufacturing quality products. You might be surprised that they are not just limited to producing tiffin boxes, casseroles, thermos, etc. They also have a wide variety of gas stoves. Their red shatterproof, toughened glass surface yet will surely surprise you. All their products offer maximum safety and come with ISI certification. They also offer a good warranty policy on all their products.

Why should you select Milton?

You should select Milton because:

  • Their products are highly durable and designed practically.
  • They all have an attractive look.
  • They are heat resistant and come with a tri-pin burner and anti-skid feet.

This brand is quite famous in India. They are popular for manufacturing flawless kitchen appliances. Their gas stoves are designed to perfection and to last for a long time. They have a wide variety of stoves to choose from, you can easily select the one according to your requirements, and there is nothing you won’t like about their gas stoves.

Why should you select Bajaj?

You should select Bajaj because:

  • They manufacture the best kitchen appliances.
  • Their products are super durable and practically designed.
  • They offer the best warranty policy on all their products.

This brand is quite famous for its unique approach to manufacturing every product. Their most popular gas stove features a powder-coated pan support system. They are all very durable and come with innovative and advanced features. They are light in weight and allow you to have a great cooking experience. They have a wide variety in their gas stoves, starting from two burners to four burners, etc. Their gas stoves are manageable and can easily be cleaned without taking much hassle.

Why should you select Faber?

You should select Faber because:

  • Their products come with a large surface area.
  • They have stable pan support.
  • They provide an efficient gas supply.
  • They feature spill-proof drip trays in their gas stoves.

This brand is perfect if you want incredibly durable products that require minimal maintenance. Hindware gas stoves are highly efficient and can work yearly without any servicing. Their products are pretty on the higher side but are very reliable. They have a huge variety of products for you to choose from. It has gas stoves that would fit into traditional-style kitchens and glass-top gas stoves that perfectly fit into a modular kitchen. Their stoves are beautiful and sturdy and can elevate the entire kitchen’s look.

Why should you select Hindware?

You should select Hindware because:

  • They provide top-quality burners.
  • You can easily maintain them.
  • They have a huge variety of products.
  • They are perfect for Indian kitchens.

This brand is an excellent choice for you if you want a wide variety of designs and models. They provide top-quality and efficient burners that work perfectly in every Indian kitchen. Their gas stoves are durable and reliable. Elica is considered one of the best gas stove brands in India. You can give it a shot and upgrade your kitchen with their beautifully designed gas stoves.

Why should you select Elica?

You should select Elica because:

  • Their gas stoves are durable.
  • You can find a wide range of products.
  • You can easily maintain it.

Butterfly is a renowned gas stove brand that has been serving Indian households with exceptional quality products for more than three decades. The Butterfly gas stove has three burners, each with flame-retardant support that ensures maximum safety. The innovative spill-proof design prevents unwanted spillage, ensuring the cooking experience is hassle-free and convenient.

Its unique and avant-garde feature – is the “360-degree revolving nozzle.” This one-of-a-kind nozzle provides unparalleled flexibility to users, enabling them to adjust it according to their preferred angle, height, and convenience.

Why should you select Butterfly?

You should select Butterfly because:

  • It is available at affordable prices.
  • It offers durable and long-lasting products.
  • The brand offers a spill-proof design for easy cleaning.
  • The 360-degree revolving nozzle for added convenience

Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove, 4 Burner Gas Stove

The Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove is a modern kitchen appliance design marvel. With its innovative 4 burner system, this gas stove is the epitome of durability and reliability, built to withstand the toughest cooking conditions. The toughened glass top is easy to clean and maintain and designed to resist high temperatures and scratches, ensuring it remains sleek and sophisticated for years to come.

The gas stoves from this brand can be used without electricity, ensuring their usability even in dire situations. The compact design of the Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove is perfect for smaller kitchens and can be installed without needing a professional. It is designed to conserve gas, ensuring no wastage and providing an economical option for households that rely on gas for cooking. 

Why should you select Lifelong gas stoves?

One might choose Lifelong gas stoves over other brands for several reasons. Here are a few key reasons:

  • Lifelong gas stoves are made with high-quality materials and designed to withstand daily use. This ensures you can rely on your Lifelong stove for years.
  • Lifelong gas stoves are designed to be efficient with gas usage, which can help save money on fuel bills in the long run
  • The glass top and burners can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth, making cleaning up after cooking a breeze.
  • Lifelong gas stoves come with several safety features, such as automatic ignition and flame failure devices, which help prevent accidents in the kitchen.
  • The brand is known for its excellent customer service. 

Benefits of Gas Stove:

Thanks to gas stoves, people in India could say goodbye to the struggle they faced daily in cooking using firewood and mud ovens. As you know, gas stoves are popular in India, as they have many benefits in your kitchen. The list of benefits might turn really long. Still, you should know the basic benefits of having a gas stove to decide whether you want to invest your money in buying it.

  • Gas stoves are accessible and can be used by everyone.
  • You can easily set it up and cook delicious food without much effort.
  • They are affordable and durable.
  • You can easily maintain it, and it can be used to cook or reheat your food.
  • Gas stoves are multiple cookware friendly.

Apart from these, there are innumerable other benefits of having a gas stove in an Indian kitchen. Besides, this is the most efficient and easy-to-use medium of cooking you can opt for.

Well, as you have learned enough about the benefits of using gas stoves at home, you might wonder about bringing the best one home. Thus, here we have listed some of the best gas stove brands in India that are popular for manufacturing top-quality, efficient, affordable gas stoves. You can select the one that fits your requirements and budget the best. Now, let’s not make you wait any longer and find out which brands you can rely on while you shop for a gas stove.

How to select the best gas stove brands in India: A Buying Guide?

Selecting a good brand for a particular product is not an easy task. Each one is different from the others and offers different features. It depends on you which one fits your requirements the best. However, there are some basic, essential factors that you can look for in a brand while selecting a gas stove to ensure that you are trusting and investing in the right brand. Also, by looking for these factors, you can identify which brand is reliable and which one is not. Below we have highlighted some such important factors to help you find the right one yourself:

01. Number of Burners

Always remember that a good brand offers variety. In this case, if a brand has several burner options, consider it to be good. Because different individuals have different requirements, while a single burner stove is ideal for a bachelor, it won’t serve the purpose of a family. So, the more options you get, the more possibilities open for finding the right stove. Besides, you must select the one according to your requirements. The most commonly used stove has 2 to 3 burners. They are suitable for both small and medium-sized families. There are more options like 4 or 6 burners, which are ideal for the busy kitchen of big families. However, you must ensure that all 4 or more burners can work together. Otherwise, it won’t be a worthy investment. Moreover, four-burner stoves are bigger and take up more space in your kitchen.

02. Type of Ignition

This factor is an important one that you must not miss to check. Ignition of a gas stove is possible in two methods, i.e., manual and auto-ignition modes. In the manual mode, you will have to light a matchstick or lighter as a source of the fire. However, you don’t need any of these in a gas stove that comes with auto-ignition technology. It already has an electrical source for generating a spark of fire. Well, both are equally efficient, but the auto-ignition type is more popular as it is considered safer and more convenient, but they are expensive. On the other hand, manual ignition gas stoves are not very expensive. Select the brand that offers the best type you are looking for.

03. Material

The material used in making a gas stove determines its longevity. Gas stoves are a part of daily life, the material quality of it has to be good. Previously, there were gas stoves made only of brass, stainless steel, or aluminium. However, now you will find several other options, such as shatterproof tops, powder-coated sheet metal bases, high-efficiency brass burners, stainless steel drip trays, spill-proof designs, ergonomic heat control knobs, sturdy pan support features, and whatnot. Select a brand that is popular for providing stoves that are made of good quality materials.

04. Design

Currently, people are more inclined towards modular kitchens. Which ultimately means everything must look coordinated and modern. The pressure of updating with time didn’t spare gas stoves. Now, it is not enough if the gas stove is efficient; it must also have a stylish, up-to-date design. Select a brand that took the challenge and designed its products to fit the current trend. Go for the one with a stylish glass finish and aesthetic design, which can enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

05. Space Occupancy

Next, look if the gas stove that you want to bring can fit into your space. It is an essential factor as no matter how efficient or beautiful your stove is, it will all be a waste if you can’t accommodate it in your kitchen. Relay on brands that manufacture stoves in different sizes so that you can easily select the one that fits your kitchen without compromising.

06. Anti-skid Feet

When selecting a gas stove, you must consider if the brand offers extra features, such as anti-skid feet. This feature helps your stove to stay firm in one place while you work with it. Besides, it also eliminates the squeaking sound that can be produced if you apply force to it while cooking.

07. Gas Savings

You don’t want your money to roll like water. Your gas stove must consume less gas and save energy. Go for a brand that produces eco-friendly products. Besides, to understand that, you can notice that the gas stove produces robust blue-coloured flame as the uneven flames consume more gas. 

08. Spacing Between Burners

You must check if the 3 or 4-burner stove you want to buy has enough gap in between. It is important as the perfect gap will allow you to place multiple utensils on the burners without disturbance. A good brand will understand and design a product by following the right mechanism. They will know the right amount of space required in between the burners.

09. Gas Inlet Connection

Before buying a gas stove, you must ensure that the gas inlet position in your kitchen is compatible with the stove. Besides, many brands offer flexible Intel connections. You can consider buying them like this. You don’t have to make any alterations to your cooking area.

You can simply follow these factors and determine which brand produces the best gas stove for your kitchen. This article was constructed with a vision of helping you find the best gas stove brand and enhance your shopping experience. Hope it could prove itself informative enough. You can also check the Frequently Asked Questions section below, where we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about gas stove brands in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which is the best gas stove brand in India?

Prestige is considered one of the best gas stove brands in India

How do I choose a gas stove?

You can select the right gas stove by following some factors, like the size of the stove, the material used in making, finish, colour, type of burner, must have automatic ignition, ISI mark, convenient and durable knobs, drop tray and pan support. Besides, also make sure that the installation process is not very complicated.

Which gas stove is best manual or automatic?

An automatic ignition gas stove is any day better than a manual ignition stove. An auto-ignition gas is more efficient, safe, and convenient.

How many burner stove is best?

Two burner stoves are usually used in the Indian kitchen. However, as the inclination toward modular kitchens has risen, three to four-burner stoves are also gaining quite some popularity in the market.

Can a gas stove explode?

Well, gas stoves are currently made using advanced technology. Thus, explosions from gas stoves are rare. However, it is not impossible either.


  • Realized how gas stove has helped in the evolution of cooking.
  • Understood the benefits of having a gas stove in India.
  • Found out which are the best gas stove brands in India.
  • Highlighted some of the most important factors to look for in a gas stove manufacturing brand to ensure that we rely on the right one.
  • Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the best gas stove brands in India.

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