UV water purification disadvantages

Drinking clean and safe water is a basic necessity for any human being. However, you will definitely know that the level of pollution is rising with time. In such situations finding clean water for consumption became tough. Then came the water purifier, purifying the water and ensuring that you and your family drink safe water. Currently, having a water purifier in homes and workplaces is very common. While many water purifiers in the market are made using different technologies, UV water purifiers are pretty popular. However, have you ever thought that you are relying on the right purifier? Well, you need to know that there are quite some disadvantages of UV water purification as well. In this article, we will dig out the UV water purification disadvantages for you to make a better decision for yourself and your family. Before knowing about the disadvantages of UV water purifiers, let’s understand how UV water purifiers work.

What is UV water purification?

Water purifiers with UV technology work on the concept of Ultraviolet rays used in the purification process. This is quite popular in the field and claims to purify water in the best way possible. However, this system has various disadvantages. You must know if you are using one or planning to buy one for your home.

UV Water Purification Disadvantages:

Water Purifiers, along with many other things, contribute greatly to your family’s health. Well, nothing is spotless. There are some disadvantages to the UV water purification process. We have listed some basic disadvantages below so you can have a proper vision of what you want to include in your home.

  • UV water purifiers are famous for killing viruses, germs, and bacteria in water. Indeed they do; however, they cannot remove the dissolved impurities and salts from the water. Dissolved impurities such as fluorides, pesticides, leads, etc., can’t be treated with UV technology.
  • Again, although UV purifiers can kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms but their bodies, to some extent, stays active in the water. The leftover dead bodies continue contaminating the water, making it unfit for drinking.
  • We all expect a purifier to purify water and make it ideal for drinking. However, not all cleaners can treat all types of water. A UV water purifier is not suitable for purifying muddy or dirty water. It is more like a basic purification process that can only kill viruses and bacteria. Therefore, you might have to install other attachments and the UV water purifier to get pure and safe drinking water. And that extra attachments will obviously bring additional expenditure.
  • As it is a basic purification system, it can work on water with a TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) limit of  200 ppm (parts per million) only. Suppose the TDS level of your water source is high. In that case, this is undoubtedly not an ideal form of water purification for you.  
  • The next disadvantage of UV water purifiers is the storage issue. Well, we install advanced things to stay relaxed and enjoy luxury. With UV water purifiers, you have to invest time and effort to fill the water bottles once the water is purified. Because most models of UV water purifiers available on the market don’t come with a storage tank. Thus, you have to fill in a bottle and store it to use later.
  • Such water purification systems work only on electricity. Life might become challenging if there is an extended power cut in your residential area and there are no bottles filled with water in your home to consume.
  • As you know, the principle of UV water purifiers depends on invisible UV lights. This means you can’t see it with your naked eyes while the purifier is working. Thus, it gets nearly impossible for the users to know and understand if the purifier is working well or just stopped working. Therefore, if you already have a UV water purifier, it is best to replace your purifier’s tube annually.
  • UV water purification is expensive and requires electricity, yet it fails to treat drinking water entirely. They are suitable as a basis for purification technology. Still, They might not be enough for the critical impurities of the water.

As you have known enough about the disadvantages of UV water purifiers, it is time that you take a decisive step for the sake and security of your family. Besides, there are innumerable options available in the market that combines UV technology with other technologies essential for water purifying. You can go for them and ensure that you and your family drink pure and healthy water. By now, we hope that you know what to look for before buying a water purifier. So, select the best, not just because you can but also because you deserve the best.

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