Apple to introduce iPhone 15 Pro Max with a Price Leap of 20000 INR from iPhone 14 Pro Max

In a recent Apple Event, the company announced their upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models. Based on some reports, Apple is said to keep up with last year’s iPhone shipments. To boost income despite unchanged deliveries, Apple might increase the cost of upcoming iPhone 15 Pro editions. Several hardware enhancements, improved camera features and a titanium build are the underlying reasons for the price rise.

Iphone 14 Pro vs 15 Pro back comparison

Apple was producing around 90 million iPhones annually before the COVID-19 pandemic and recent chip supply issues in China. With challenges abounding in recent times, annual orders have been brought down to roughly 85 million by the company. As reported by Bloomberg, Apple will aim for the same lower production target in 2023.

According to sources, Apple might hike up prices for Pro models while still hitting steady shipping targets. Due to difficulties in manufacturing CMOS image sensors, the company reduced its projection for the vanilla iPhone 15 models by 2 million according to reports. By raising orders for Pro models, the business counterbalances losses through cheaper models.

Since the company is preparing to release their premium iPhone 15, its main challenge will be to persuade users that the features of the phone are worth the higher price. Besides processor and camera updates, the new iPhone Pros are expected to feature a lightweight titanium casing instead of standard stainless steel. Customizable buttons will replace traditional mute-ring switches, allowing users to quickly access features like camera app activation or flashlight turn-on. With the same processor as last year’s iPhone 14 Pro, the entry-level iPhone 15 units will feature fewer premium options

Iphone 14 Pro vs 15 Pro frame material contruction

In the launch event, the company announced that they are planning to introduce a periscope lens in iPhone 15 which will allow users to capture clear close-up shots of distant subjects. A change is forthcoming for the iPhone 15 base and Pro models, one being the shift to a novel port for the USB-C standard—prevalent amidst a variety of consumer electronics including Android phones, moving away from Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector introduced in the iPhone 5 back in 2012. Complying with new European regulations, Apple is moving to a new connector port standard.

The final pricing has not yet been announced. However according to sources, the iPhone 15 Pro might cost ₹10,000 more than its predecessor, starting at ₹1,29,900.  On the other hand, the beginning price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max could go up by ₹20000, making it a total of ₹ 1,59,900

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