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Startup India : “An entity shall be considered as a “Startup” under this policy if the entity is recognized as a “Startup” under the “Startup India” initiative and fulfils the third condition below or fulfils all of the following conditions:

  • The date of the entity’s incorporation/registration is not prior to seven years. In case an entity is engaged in the biotech sector, the date of incorporation/registration should not be prior to ten years;
  • Its annual turnover does not exceed INR 25 crore, for any preceding financial year;
  • It is registered in Assam or employs at least 50 percent of its total qualified workforce from Assam, which shall not include contract employees;
  • Such an entity should not be an extension of an existing family business; or formed by splitting up or reconstruction of a business already in existence; – sources – Startup India Assam

Startup India, for youthful Indian business visionaries, was the most energizing strategy activity by the Modi government. It guaranteed a helpful climate for new pursuits, including thoroughly examined tax cuts that were predictable with worldwide benchmarks, subsidizing and warning assets, and diminished administrative noise.

The goal of the Startup India activity is to give a lift to new pursuits, produce work, and advance formation of Indian licensed innovation, at that point why set up the IMB to be a significant hindrance, rather than permitting the market to choose victors and failures? Think about this – per the IMB’s rationale, the accompanying exploring startups would have been denied benefits on the off chance that they were being dispatched in India today – Google was not the primary web index, Facebook was not the principal informal organization, and Apple was not the main organization to make PCs or cell phones. So oddly, per the IMB’s meaning of ‘development’, these organizations would not be considered ‘inventive’, and consequently would not be ‘deserving’ of tax reductions.

Assam Startup is an activity by Assam Government to make a beginning up the environment in the state. The vision of this activity is to make a culture of a business venture in Assam by advancing and engaging the young to become work makers and seek after their enterprising dreams. Along these lines, change Assam into a main Start-up center point in the nation.

You can do so online by applying through by January 28, 2021 for the following.

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