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Health Minister Keshab Mahanta said on 4 September, More than 1900 appointments have been made in different categories under the Assam Health Department since the new government assumed charge less than four months back.

Minister Keshab Mahanta said, “the newly assumed Assam government has successfully given appointments to the 1,941 people in the health department which ranges from nurses to medical staff to non-technical staff.”

According to the Mahanta, “the advertisement for filling nearly 9000 vacant posts in the Health Department will be published within this month itself.”

He said, ” we have shortlisted 300 doctors for an appointment and they will be engaged formally soon”.

He was seen speaking to the reporters after handling the appointment letter to 70 faculties both the medical and non-medical of government dental colleges and medical colleges of the State.

In the current situation of Covid-19 in the State, the Health Minister has urged the people of the state not to put their guards down as the Second wave of Covid-19 has not come to an end and the experts articulated the possibilities of the Third wave.

Mahanta further said that all government, private offices, educational institutions, and business establishments have to display a self-declaration that all its staff is vaccinated against covid-19. He also assured that there is still an adequate amount of vaccine 32,62,062 people receiving both doses of vaccines so far.

“If during checking by our officials it is found that any self-declaration is false, we will take action against them. Each staff member has to have received at least the first dose of vaccine,” said Mahanta.

According to the National Health Mission, Assam, on  3 September evening, the total number of the covid-19 positive cases in the state is 5,91,117 with a recovery rate of 97.94%.

 Till September 3, the virus has claimed 5,683 lives in the state of Assam with a current death rate of 0.96%

Author: Papri Nath

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