Dolu Lake Silchar: How to reach | Best time to visit

Dolu Lake is set in the verdant hills and attracts tourists with its peaceful nature. The ideal time to visit is dusk when the dying light gives a warm hue to the standing waters.
While Dolu is beautiful all year round we encourage you to avoid the monsoon season, as the rain is so heavy that the area floods, unless you want to experience a full-flowing lake. The most appealing time for this process is in spring when the hills are dotted with colourful wildflowers or in fall when snow-capped mountains perfectly reflect on the water mirror surface.
Touring Dolu Lake is free, but you need to be respectful visitors. Since this is an appreciated location by the local community, litterbugs must beware. Make sure to always use the colour-coded bins to maintain the natural beauty of Dolu Lake to be appreciated by everyone. With a little organization, you will find Dolu Lake is an oasis for an exhausted soul. 

The best time to visit Dolu Lake

One can visit Dolu Lake during any season they want, but it is better not to go during the monsoon season, as it gets flooded. It is best to visit Dolu Lake before the day falls. The best part about Dolu Lake is that for visiting this natural beauty, you don’t have to charge any fee to anyone. However, you have to be very cautious about not making the surroundings dirty. The local people are very sensitive regarding this matter. Thus, if you are planning to visit this place, it is better you know to throw your garbage in a garbage bin only.

How to reach the place?

If you are travelling out from Silchar, the easiest way to get there is to board a train to Silchar Railway Station. Afterwards, you can board an auto-rickshaw or a car that will drive you a short distance to Dolu Lake. There will be a beautiful 30-45 minute drive through fishing villages and greenery.

If travelling by air, then, book a flight to Silchar Airport which is well connected to the major cities across India. The Dolu Lake is easily accessible through taxis and rental cars that can be found right at the airport. This route takes an hour by car.

Whether you choose the means of transport you want, the local drivers are very familiar with Dolu Lake and will take you there quickly. The roads are good, ensuring an easy ride for one to hide oneself in the embrace of nature.

However, we would suggest that to give yourself a sense of security, you must arrange your subsequent travel in advance. Besides, that the costs are quite reasonable and the right preparation will see you on the crystal clear waters and the green hills of Dolu Lake very soon!


The Dolu Lake is surrounded by verdant hills and its pristine blue waters provide a natural retreat, which is a little far from the busy city of Silchar. It is easy to reach this secluded treasure if you are going by car or bus. The best time to visit the lake is during the spring and monsoon season when it is full and the surrounding is green. Every time you visit, make sure you leave some time to walk alongside the lake, take a picnic under the trees and just enjoy the tranquillity. Dolu Lake is lesser-known beyond the city of Silchar but wholeheartedly deserves to be discovered by anyone who loves the excitement of untouched wilderness. Take in the peace of Dolu Lake and come out refreshed.

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