Donations helped him to study in Abroad, NRI Syed Hussaini does the same for lakhs in India

NRI Syed Hussaini, after his retirement, launched his foundation, SEED USA is to provide Education, Healthcare, and Employment to the underprivileged Indians back home.

In 2020, around 1 lakh people from the poorest sections of India have received heath, education, and monetary support from USA-based organizations. These people were able to access free for medical support, saw their children enrolled in formal education, and received training to sustain themselves financially. 

Curiously, this impact has a ripple effect of a journey that has begun in India. It’s the journey of Syed Hussaini who has left Hyderabad in pursuit of education and would go on to help others in his home country in the future. 

However, Syed Hussaini completed his graduation in engineering in the year 1972, but due to a dearth of relevant jobs in the city, he couldn’t find employment. Later, he saw an opportunity in the west and decided to head there for higher education. After his masters, he settled down in Dallas for employment. 

 “I knew the pains of poverty. I had lived without money myself. Back then, the Nizam’s Charitable Trust gave me money as a scholarship, which funded my plane ticket. That’s how I made it. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to make something of yourself if you don’t have money and resources,” he tells The Better India.

An illustrious profession that spanned over twenty years won’t have been doable if Hussaini had not obtained financial assist.  

To provide help to such college students so that they could live up to their potential, he founded support for Educational and Economic Development USA (SEED) in 2009, together with like-minded volunteers. This organization was registered with the USA government and began to collect Donations from the willing people.

To facilitate such impact, various mediums like print and digital media and word of mouth are employed to announce a call to action from the Philanthropists and helping the Non-Residential Indian’s. 

 However, these donations are dispersed through various activities conducted by Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) permitted NGOs based in India like NAM Foundation in Hyderabad. The Calcutta Muslim Orphanage, Kolkata, and Zohra Women and Children Charitable Welfare Trust, Karnataka.

One of the main challenges that Syed had faced in his journey is find the right project to invest in. With a clear motive, the charity remains stringent in its compliance with regulations and selection of social organizations to associate itself with. 

The Widows & destitute families support programme is one such SEED project length that works to benefit Women in dire straits. Through financial id and employment, and these women can support themselves and their children in the absence of a breadwinner. 

So, at present, about “550 Indian women receive a monthly stipend from us on the condition that their children are put through school alongside ensuring basic sustenance for the family.” says Hussaini.

Author: Papri Nath

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