For, all evil ends in love- Adolf Hitler’s love Story

The most dreaded tyrant and the literal synonym to a sadist ruler is directly thought of as none other than Adolf Hitler. His dedication towards beginning and continuing the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, commonly known as Nazism, doesn’t need a specific introduction to know about. Apart from his role as the cruelest dictator and the main perpetrator of wars in the world, there lies a deep-rooted world of his own too. The one that was kept hidden and not known to anyone until his death in April, 1945.The story about his love with his mistress Eva Braun that lasted for more than a decade.

Eva was working as an assistant and a model for Hitler’s photographer in Munich.  Eva fell in love with him the first time she saw him and Hitler got attracted to the 17-year-old beauty too. They went for an opera together having a good time, after which Eva wrote a letter to Hitler thanking him about the time they spent together, expressing of how much she valued the new grown friendship between them and also that she was looking forward to see him soon. Eventually, Eva agreed to follow Hitler on his mountain retreat in the alps. They started living together.

Hitler had bought a house for Eva in Berlin where she could stay safely. Though their love for each other grows more and more, Hitler chose to keep her away from the sight of people. She was made to enter and exit from the corner door instead of the one in the front. Eva often felt lonely and had her meals with a picture of Hitler in front of her.

According to Hitler’s chauffeur, she was the unhappiest woman in Germany. She spent most of her time waiting for him. The staff called her to be ‘a girl in a gilded cage’. She still stuck by Hitler and all she wanted was to be his wife. Hitler on the other hand didn’t want the world to know of his love beyond his country.

Hitler, in 1945 decided to end his earthly career as he was about to be captured by the Soviet troop. When he felt the burden of responsibilities lighten from his shoulders he appointed and delegated all his responsibilities to his secretary and decided to marry Eva before he died. Hitler also chooses Eva to be the person who would also give life too along with him. Eva agrees, for her love for Hitler was more than her life.

They day before they commit suicide, Hitler and Eva got married. While signing on the paper, Eva scribbles on the ‘B’ of Braun and wrote Eva Hitler, taking on her lover’s name. The following day, after lunch, Hitler and Eva poisoned their dog Blondi and her pups, went into their private room and chewed on cyanide tablet. Having been paranoid and anxious of not dying, Hitler shot himself in the head and Eva waited for the poison to kill her.

It was Hitler’s wish that they should be burnt in the place they have been working since, years and so it happened. Hitler loved Eva’s company. Miss Braun is, besides my dog Blondi, the only one I can absolutely count on,” were Hitler’s feelings for Eva. Being called Adolf Hitler’s wife was all that Eva ever wanted. Eva therefore, had no complaints or regret for her suffering when it came to dying for Hitler, as she abided by the promise to herself of being by him till death.

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