India’s Daughters Creating a Revolution in Polo

From the time women were prohibited from playing to a few all-women centric competitions being sorted out in different world pieces, Polo most likely has made considerable progress. Polo has been an incredible game with a fair share of discrimination and male dominance. This is a unique sport where polo game players can compete together both as opponents and teammates. The supremacy is still widespread when one looks at the proportion of males and females but is much less than the older times. Women polo players are marching shoulder to shoulder when it comes to attainments, ability, and devotion. 

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The history of Polo in India is well known and the origin of Polo took place in Manipur and named it as Sagol Kangjei. It is said that Manipur’s deity-king Kangba created the game in the 14th century BC, and in 33 A.D. the deity-king Nongda Pakhangba organized the first polo match. Polo caught all other country areas within the next few decades and now it is played across more than 70 countries, including England, Britain, Argentina, Australia, and many more. Back home, in Manipur, the game is still entrenched.

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There has been a revolutionary women’s Polo, almost two centuries after the primary match is said to have been played and the hammer has been given to women. Today, more than two dozen female polo players sum up to 66% of India’s professional polo players. 

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These female enthusiasts originate from unassuming foundations and have bloodthirsty determination and passion for the game at a very young age. Some of the influential names of this elite sport include Thoudam Tanna Devi, who started playing just at the age of 19, and Jetholia Thongbam at 22. Furthermore, Manipur’s women polo players’ stories have now appeared as a film, “Daughters of the Polo God.” While marriages and children have triggered a cluster of players to quit the game, however, several women opt for the game even in their late 40’s.

With a phase of change in the game, all professional women polo players demand utmost respect and equality. And the men in the field are accepting this change while understanding the sphere of women’s professionalism in the game.

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