Burmese cigarettes confiscated in Bilaipur

 Burmese cigarettes confiscated in Bilaipur

Burmese cigarette was caught during a police check on Lala’s Bilaipur. Bilaipur outpost police arrested two persons along with confiscating five cartons of Burmese cigarettes during a police check on Bilaipur road on Sunday morning.

However, police later registered a Suo moto case and released the two on bail. According to sources, a Bolero pickup truck (AS11C-5956) near Bilaipur outpost was searched by police on its way to Lala from Dhalcharra on Sunday morning. A search turned up five cartons of Peacock classic foreign cigarettes.

But there was no valid paper for these cigarettes with the carriers. Police then confiscated the cigarettes and arrested a dealer along with the driver in the car. The two arrested are Hasan Jahangir Laskar of Niamatpur and Arun Das of Katlicherra. The detainees were arrested and released on bail after initial questioning. Bilaipur police have registered a case and launched an investigation.

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