Barakbanga urged the people of Barak not to fall into the trap of persuasion

After the Bangladesh incident, the Barak Valley Banga Sahitya and Sanskriti Sammelan has expressed deep concern over several untoward incidents in the neighboring state of Tripura. Undesirable events can lead to mutual suspicion and confusion. Some quarters have started trying to create unrest in Barak Valley by using such incidents as a tool. Barakbanga has therefore appealed to every community in the valley not to fall into the trap of any persuasion.

In a statement issued on Friday, Gautam Prasad Dutta, central general secretary of Barakbanga, said that the peace-loving people of every community in Bangladesh have joined hands to condemn the violent incidents that took place during and after Pujo. What happened in North Tripura in the meantime is really painful.

It was unthinkable for the people of the North Tripura district adjacent to the Barak valley to witness such a violent incident. But in the wake of the unfortunate incident in North Tripura, some quarters have come forward to weaken the bond of religious harmony in Barak Valley. They are trying to create unrest by spreading rumors in different areas. Some people are provoking in various ways through social media. This is raising the level of anxiety.

In the statement, Gautam Prasad Dutta further said that the people of Barak Valley are already embarrassed by various problems. Various tactics are being used to make the valley forget its identity. In this valley, people of different languages and religious groups are trying to develop themselves and overcome problems from the bond of mutual harmony and love. In this situation, any selfish group trying to disturb the valley would be suicidal. Peace-loving people will feel endangered no matter what their language and religious identity is.

In this statement, the general secretary of Barakbanga urged the people of every well-meaning community in the valley to come forward so that no one could create an undesirable environment to destroy communal harmony. Praising the government led by Chief minister Himanta Biswa Sharma, the General Secretary of Barakbanga said, ”The positive steps that have already been taken in this regard in the administrative field are commendable.” He called on the people of Barakbanga to extend a helping hand in this regard.

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