Protests in Silchar against the Tripura attack

Several leftists youth-student organizations staged protests in Silchar against the attacks in different parts of Tripura. Organizations called DYFI, DSO, NISA, AISB, SFI, AIDYO, AIYL staged a protest at the foot of the Khudiram statue in Silchar on Friday afternoon.

There was a strong demand for an immediate end to the brutal persecution of linguistic and religious minorities in various parts of the country, including Tripura. During the protest, AIDSO president Pavlov Laskar said that the people of the minority Hindu living in Bangladesh were attacked by a conspiracy of the fundamentalist forces. Then the people of democratic consciousness and leftist thought went down in strong protest against fundamentalism. Well-meaning people should come forward in our country too.

Hillol Bhattacharya, vice-president of the Assam State Committee of the AIDSO, said there was no alternative but to build a united democratic movement against extremist-communist forces. The people of Bangladesh took the path against the fundamentalists, we also have to fight against the extremist-communal forces in our country. Madhulika Som of NISA said in a tone of anger that the fundamentalists have no religion, their only goal is to spread violence and hatred. Among others, AIDSO District Secretary Gaur Chandra Das, SFI District Secretary Saharul Mazumder, Swarasat Malakar on behalf of DYFI, AIDYO District Secretary Bijit Kumar Singh, AIYL Raju Debnath, Prabir Paul, Khokon Hussain Lawar,  Alok Sinha, Nabasmita Das, Anik Das, and others spoke on behalf of NISA.

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