7 Reasons and Measures of Flood in Silchar: Infrastructural or Geographical Issue

Silchar, as of 2022, looks forward to an intellectually designed city with a cluster of proven talents and energetic youth. The infrastructural change in the private properties does not showcase the exemplary work of the government. A well-planned city could be an example of proper administration and active participation of the chosen leaders. With the recent flood in Silchar, it is proven that there are specific infrastructural issues which should be addressed in priority.

The ministry of home affairs reports that around 1,153 people have died in 14 Indian states since August 27, 2020, due to floods and landslides. The numbers are on the increasing end with the recent surge in 2022. Furthermore, the after effects of flood have adversely affected around 17.3 million people. Assam, also stands among those states reporting the most fatalities.

Some of the main reasons and measures for flood in Silchar, includes:

Inadequate Capacity

Barak River is followed by major hilly urban areas that surround Silchar. Hence, it is crucial to increase riverbank capacity to withstand high flows brought down by heavy rainfall from upper catchments.

Flood in Silchar Could be Prevented by Conservation of Mangroves

Mangroves will act as a natural bulwark to prevent flooding in coastal areas as cyclones become more powerful and frequent (as a result of climate change). It is a critical part of our ecosystem and should be protected from degradation and destruction at all costs during flood in Silchar.

Flood Silchar

Structural Measures To Prevent Flood in Silchar

Embankments and dykes are crucial and should be prioritized. 

Implementation Integrated Flood Warning System for Silchar

IT organizations such as Inteliqo or any other tech company could implement a webGIS-based decision support system to provide early warning of flood in Silchar, especially during periods of heavy rainfall and cyclones. This system could help to take decision regarding flood measurement and evacuating process at-least 2-3 days prior. It could be a pilot mode for Assam Government but could eventually help in the long run. A module structure is shown below

integrated flood warning system in silchar

Improvement of Drainage Network To Resist Flood in Silchar

The drainage network of Silchar needs immediate attention to solve the problem of urban flooding and the stocking of rainwater in many areas of Silchar. The current system is cluttered due to inconsistency in size and inadequate cleared connectivity through the flowing channels.

Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal system needs effectiveness. However, the citizens of Silchar have witnessed a positive change in the garbage management system initiated by the local administration. Furthermore, better enforcement of urban Hydraulic garbage disposal bins in every 200 mtrs. It should be enabled to connect through garbage managing pipelines capacity to push it to the nearby garbage junction. Also, the surroundings must be clean, so everyone can easily access them. A typical Hydraulic garbage bin is showcased below

hydraulic grabage bin to protect flood in silchar

Forecasting and Community Education for the Population

Develop an open platform education system or, through social media marketingcreate awareness about the reasons for floods and preventive measures. A community should be formed and further making it mandatory for every voting individual and family to undertake or participate in the flood risk management awareness campaign.


We all expect that the administration would do everything; however, suggestions and ideas could always be furnished, which could help them plan better. The overall situations of flood in Silchar is a result of inferior city planning and infrastructural issues. If preventive measures are taken on time then Silchar could resist such flood scenarios.

Note: I have tried compiling the reasons and measures for the flood in Silchar. There might be further minute details which could have been incorporated into this blog. If you want me to add a few more points, please comment below; I would be happy to add them to the content. Please do not steal ideas or content from this blog, as the writer have invested time, energy, knowledge and research capability. Please honor a writer’s effort, and if you want to use this content or any information, please mention the writer’s name as credit.

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