Allegations of conspiracy to occupy Panchal’s land in Sonbeel

The land mafias are trying to occupy the land of Panchal in Sonbeel. Hundreds of people from four villages gathered on Thursday to protest against the land mafias. The police administration has broken the lock of the closed Shiva temple in Panchal and arranged worship. Then the regular worshipping of Lord Shiva started in front of them.

The land of Gamaria GP was owned by five villages including Swastipur and Santoshpur. The land has a fishery and playground. The amount for the development of five villages is spent from the crop income of that land. And there is also a committee for this. But from the last few months, several people from Santoshpur village have been after this land. They are claiming that since Panchal is in Santoshpur village, the land cannot be owned by the other four villages. They are the real owners of this land.

On Thursday, people of the four villages complained that the main motive behind the ownership claim was land grabbing. AP member Ranjit Das, Jayagopal Dasra said that a few days ago, some people from Santoshpur village called journalists and gave false information about Panchal’s land, which is not true at all. The complainants further said that the people of the committee are with them. They further alleged that the same people had locked the Shiva temple on Panchal’s land. As a result, they were forced to call the police.

Meanwhile, Nitya puja started on Thursday after Ramkrishnanagar Police Station OC Utpal Chanda and Kalibari outpost in-charge P. Saikia came with the police and broke the lock of the temple. The people of four villages also chanted slogans against the attempt to seize land with placards in their hands. They also drew the attention of Ratabari MLA Vijay Malakar and Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and strongly demanded to take more stern action against the land brokers.

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