Assam Cabinet decision 2023: Empowering Citizens and Embracing Sustainability for a Flourishing Future

On July 21, the Assam Cabinet made crucial decisions that will shape the state’s future to improve citizens’ well-being and foster sustainable growth. These key initiatives will improve many aspects of state life for years to come.

Electricity Relief: The Cabinet’s approval of a large electricity relief package is notable. APDCL will receive a targeted subsidy of Rs 265.29 crores to help economically weaker households. “Jeevan Dhara” consumers will receive Rs 1 per unit for consumption of up to 45 units, while “Domestic-A” consumers will receive Rs 0.75 per unit for consumption of up to 120 units. Following APDCL’s April 1, 2023 retail tariff revision, this move will help low-income families.

IT Infrastructure: The Assam Cabinet approved the creation of the “Assam Information Technology, Electronics & Communication and Citizen Service Delivery (AITEC & CSD) Society” to strengthen information technology infrastructure. This autonomous body under the Government of Assam provides seamless online citizen-centric services through the Sewa Setu Portal. This project should improve state residents’ access to government services.

Flood Control: The Cabinet has approved Phase I of the ADB-supported “Climate Resilient Brahmaputra Integrated Flood and Riverbank Erosion Risk Management Project” to address floods. The Rs 2,097.88 crore project will manage flood and riverbank erosion risk in Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Morigaon, Kamrup, and Goalpara districts. This strategic initiative protects communities and critical infrastructure from floods, making Assam more secure and resilient.

Sustainable Energy Promotion: Starting April 1, 2023, the Assam Cabinet will exempt electricity duty on renewable electricity consumed captively for three years, a significant step towards a greener future. This move encourages businesses and consumers to use renewable energy, reducing the state’s carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.

Plastic Ban, LED Distribution: The Cabinet has banned PET water bottles under 1 litre to protect the environment. After a three-month transition period, the strict Single-Use Plastic ban will take effect on October 2, 2023. The Mukhyamantri Dakshya Pohar Asoni/Mukhyamantri Sanchay Pohar Asoni initiative will give 50 lakh low-income households in Assam four 9-Watt LED bulbs for free, costing Rs 130 crores. This move reduces energy use, electricity bills, and peak-hour loads.

The Assam Cabinet’s recent decisions will lead to a brighter, more sustainable future for the state’s citizens and environment.

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