Bangladesh Hindu attack 2021: BJP minority workers condemned the Bangladesh incident

Bangladesh Hindu attack 2021: Nazrul Islam Laskar, former president of the Cachar district committee of the BJP Minority Morcha, prominent social activist Ataur Rahman Laskar and many other minority activists of the party have termed the attacks on minorities in the country as inhumane and barbaric since the night of Ashtami over the incident of placing the Holy Quran on Hanuman’s lap at a Durga Puja mandapa in Comilla district.

At a press conference in Silchar on Thursday, they strongly condemned the incident. They said that keeping the Holy Quran in the puja mandapa is a reprehensible and heinous crime. No pious person can do such a thing. It is an act of evil. On the other hand, the manner in which the majority is attacking the minorities of Bangladesh in the wake of this incident is extremely inhumane and reprehensible. They demanded to ensure the security of life and property of the Hindu minority in Bangladesh by preventing such incidents.

Strong demands have been made to the Government of Bangladesh to take stern exemplary disciplinary action against those involved in attacks on lives, temples, houses of the common people, especially ISKCON temples. Ataur Rahman Laskar said, the way the protests ignited in Barak is unprecedented. They support all these movements and they are preparing to join the movement. Lalu Laskar, Shahad Hussain Laskar, Imran Hussain Laskar, Roshan Ahmed Majumdar, Azhar Barbhuiya, Saju Sadial, Babul Chowdhury, Ashiq Uddin Laskar, Mumidul Islam Hazari, Fahim Sadial, Fakrul Hazari, Azad Laskar also spoke at the press conference.

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