Barak Valley news | Declaring Udharband assembly as the water power center

Under the Prime Minister’s Jalshakti Abhiyan, the Udharband assembly has been declared as Jalshakti Kendra and Langlacharra village as Jalgram. Cachar District magistrate Keerthi Jalli made the announcement at the meeting held at the auditorium of the Udharband Block Development Office on Monday. The meeting was attended by MLA Mihir Kanti Som, DDC Rajib Roy, and Block Regional Panchayat Vice- President Sunanda Kurmi among others.

In his welcome address, DDC Rajib Roy explained why the Prime Minister has declared a water power expedition and why Langlacharra is an ideal village. Udharband MLA Mihir Kanti Som said,” Since 2014, people have started thinking about how to get clean drinking water and small projects have been set up in different areas so that people can get clean drinking water.”

MLA Som said that Langlacharra is a small tea-garden area. It can be called an inaccessible hilly region. Before it was difficult to get clean drinking water as there was no water source in the area. But later, the water that falls from the hill is being gradually pumped out of the boulder and the water flow is being increased and delivered to the houses of the people of the area through pipes.

The MLA further said that water is also being supplied to the area using solar energy. As a result, the problem of pure drinking water has been solved in the area. He said the PHE department had to work hard to do this. But success has come so he is happy. The MLA said that pure drinking water is being supplied to the people by boring in different GP areas. As a result, water-borne diseases have decreased in the area. MLA Som appealed to everyone to continue this effort.

 District Magistrate Keerthi Jalli said the source of drinking water is declining at present. At the same time, water is being polluted due to different reasons. But there is no shortage of rainwater. So rainwater tanks can be made and stored and used for agricultural purposes. It is possible to make this water drinkable by purifying it in different processes. District Magistrate Keerthi Jalli repeatedly emphasized rainwater conservation in her speech. She also asked everyone to stop wasting water by adopting this method.

Referring to the declaration of Langlacharra tea garden as a water village, DC Jalli said a plan would be drawn up to save water from the hills and cultivate fish by digging ponds. However, this area is an ideal water village. The Department of Water Resources, Soil Conservation, and fisheries are helping in this regard. BDO Susmita Dam thanked on the occasion.

The meeting was attended by Zonal Panchayat President, Sunanda Kurmi, North Udharband Zilla Parishad Member Dhananjay Teli, Mandal President Nabarun Chakraborty, Zonal Panchayat Co-president Amitabh Singh, staff of various levels and blocks of the Panchayat. Later, MLA Mihir Kanti Soma and District Magistrate Keerthi Jalli visited the Langlacharra Drinking water project and toured the area.

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