Barak valley News | PM Kishan’s Rs 18 lacks Annexation in Patharkandi in the name of Job card

In Patharkandi, Rs.18 lakhs that has been allotted in installments to 150 poor people in the name of PM Kisan Yojana has been taken by cheaters. In 2016, after the BJP government came into action, the “Don’t take a bribe, don’t give bribe” policy has been adopted but still, some cheaters continued to cheat. Due to this, in Patharkandi, a number of such cases have come up in the newspapers.

Abiding by the rules of the government, workers of circle offices have gone to the houses of the people whose names were registered under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi for verification. This led to the unmoulding of such pieces of information. The cheating cycle, depriving the beneficiaries, illegally snatched the money. Sharif Uddin of Manikpara has lodged a complaint in Patharkandi police station against the cheaters.

In his complaint, Sharif Uddin mentioned that Gitaditya Das, Sadikul Amin, and Emad Uddin are the masterminds of this circle. They are the residents of villages in  Faridkona-Dohaliya G.P. According to the complaint, a few months back, the cheaters have taken 500 rupees from Abul Hossain, Sayra Begum, Aynur Bibi, Asarun Nesa, and many more in the name of the job card. In lieu of the job card, their names had been inserted in the PM Kissan Yojana. Methodically, the bank also granted their bank passbook and ATM cards. But the defrauders, instead of handing over the passbook and ATM cards to the beneficiaries, kept it with themselves. The money of PM Kisan Yojana that had been credited to these accounts, were all taken by these defrauders. The poor villagers pleaded with the defrauders to give them their passbooks and ATM cards but of no use.

Sharif Uddin also complained that even after lodging a complaint to the police, the police did not investigate this matter. According to the sources, in Faridkona-Dohaliya G.P, almost 185 poor villagers have been cheated and more than 18 lakhs rupees have been grabbed by the fraudsters. These poor villagers have pleaded for the intervention of DC, SP, and Patharkandi MLA. Summary: In Patharkandi, in the name of job card, some fraudsters have grabbed Rs 18 lakhs from the poor villagers.

Sharif Uddin, a resident of Manikapara, lodged a complaint against Gitaditya Das, Sakidul Amin, and Emad Uddin and said they were the masterminds behind this. These fraudsters have taken Rs 500 from the poor villagers in the name of job cards and when their names have been registered in the PM Kisan Yojana, the fraudsters kept the ATM cards and passbooks of the poor villagers with them and took the money of PM Kisan Yojana that had been credited in those accounts. Sharif Uddin also said that even after lodging a complaint against the fraudsters, the police did not carry out any investigation. The poor villagers urged for the intervention of DC,SP and MLA of Patharkandi.

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