5 Best free spam blocker app for android in 2023

How do you feel when someone is spam calling you? Do you want Spam Blockers for your Android Mobile Phone? Well, then you should read this blog. 

Earlier, I had been searching for one such app. I used to receive plenty of phone calls almost daily. No, not from friends or relatives, but from telemarketers and fraudsters. They used to tell me that “I won flight tickets free of cost”, or pretending to be the Internal Revenue Services and threatening to arrest me, if I don’t pay up.

They never ceased to annoy me when they made those spam phone calls. That’s when it occurred to me that for my Android phone, I should have installed an spam call blocker.

After that I researched a bit and found some of the top spam blocker app for android which I will share in this blog-

Top free spam blocker app for android

01. Robokiller


For India, this app Robokiller is among the top-notch stopping spam calls on both iOS and Android. RoboKiler serves one key purpose of filtering out unwanted calls primarily from unsolicited messages and robocall systems’ machines. This app uses sophisticated technology and functions to detect any such annoying call and blocks it before it even reaches your phone. Ou can enjoy a spam free life with robokiller because it screens and blocks all unknown calls. This app uses predictive analysis to prevent spam calls, and you do not have to worry about security

Key features

  • Identifies Spam Call easily
  • Customized Block and inclusion Lists
  • Caller ID (Real-Time updates)
  • Screening calls automatically
  • Reporting of Spam calls
  • Custom Answering Machine

02. Truecaller


It is my peronal favourite app. This is a great app and is used by millions of people. It additionally means that you can reject spam messages, trace unknown incoming calls, and block numbers as well. Under the history tab you will see the names of unrecognised numbers, filter these to get more information on each one. You are also able to backup such important things like history, contacts, and blocklist to the Google Drive. There is also a feature for blocking all these spam numbers stored in Truecaller’s database. Users will have an easy time using the app since it has an enhanced user interface.

Key features

  • The Best Spam Blocker Dialer
  • Smart SMS app feature
  • Blocking of Spam Call
  • Call Recording feature
  • Caller Profile
  • Searching unknown Number
  • Reporting of Spam calls
  • Call History

03. Hiya-


It is a useful app that gives real-time caller identification and call protection feature for iOS and Android. You can stop Spams Calls on Android for Free using Hiya. This app also helps to stop unwanted calls from telemarketers as well. It is a free app so you can use it all the features for free which is a big benefit. So if you tight on your budget, then try this app for sure.

Key features of Hiya include

  • Caller ID feature
  • Protection of Spam Call
  • Detection of Fraud messages
  • Enhanced caller profiles
  • Blocking calls
  • Filtering of text message
  • Reporting of spam calls
  • Reverse phone lookup

04. Mr. Number –

Mr Number

Mr. Number is a handy application that helps its users to blacklist personal numbers or whole area codes. A community-based spam list is also offered, updated via user reports. The app allows users to block unwanted calls with ease even able to identify the ones making the spam calls. This will help users stop a scammer’s call from your phone.

Key feaures-

  • Blocking of unwanted Calls
  • Spam Detection feature
  • Caller ID feature
  • Blocking of Voicemail
  • Whitelisting

05. Call Control-

Call control

This is the next popular app when it comes to spam blocker app. It enables users to handle and put a hold on incoming calls on their phones. It comes with applications that enable a user to block unwanted incoming calls such as spam, telemarketing calls and robocalls. It also features Call Control apps offer features such as call blocking, call filtering, and call identification that assist in controlling and managing user’s incoming calls

Key features

  • Blocking of unwamted Calls
  • Call Filtering feature
  • Whitelisting
  • Spam Detection & Robocall
  • Community Reporting
  • Auto-Blocking feature

What is the reason that I get all these spam calls?

Well, there is a high chance that you are receiving spam calls because somebody has your phone number. It could be that you mistakenly put your number on some malicious website or one of the companies sold out on you. If you’re still wondering, “Why such random callers call me?” Well then you should read this:

  • You have put your personal number on some un-trusted website
  • Your phone number was made public through the data leak.
  • Unknowingly, you sent personal information about yourself to a cybercriminal who deceived you
  •  Someone dialed your number randomly
  • In the past, you picked up an unknown caller

It’s justified to claim that fraudsters try out unspecified telephone lines for immoral practices. Occasionally, they purchase figures of corporations like those you have used before. Alternatively, fraudsters may collect these numbers after breaking into a data facility. That’s how it starts. However, the torrent begins after you receive a single scam call or accidentally give away yours numbers to a con man

My Recommendation

Out of all these apps, true caller is probably the most popular one, even if it has many premium options that require payment. It would even be the greatest at its work, sufficient and even beyond that which an ordinary user desires. Therefore, since this app comes with almost all of the available features for free-plus something extra over call blocker, we suggest use this app.


Spam calls are annoying and interrupt us in our day-to-day activities, and also violate our privacy. Fortunately, many applications have been developed in order to address such kind of problems; these applications come with numerous features such as spam detection, the capacity to reveal caller identity during a phone call, call blocking and others. Get these apps if you’re seeking a quitter and quieter cellular experience. The ultimate solution to robocalls and spam calls is using a good robocall blocker app that includes huge regional database of callers for detecting, analyzing, and rejecting a spam/scam call before it rings on your mobile. In this case, choosing genuine caller is non-proffice. Presently I use truecaller app and believe me I am no more worried about spam calls.

Dibbyyan Nath

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