14 Best Picnic spot in Silchar 2024

Hey there fellow picnic lovers! If you are searching for the ideal location to have a great picnic experience in Silchar then fortunately here we have a list of some of the best picnic spots in Silchar. With the abundance of choices, you will surely find the perfect oasis where you can create your alfresco dining setting.
From the pictures of people lazing around the lofty trees, soothing the sounds of a babbling brook to magnificent views of nature, this list has a spot made for you. It is now time to pull out your shades, hats and sunscreen as we reveal Silchar’s best picnic spots. So, let’s get started!

01. Dolu Lake:

Dolu tea estate
Dolu lake
Dolu jharna

If you want to experience scenic views and quality time, you must visit Dolu Lake. It is one of the most beautiful tourist spots near Silchar, with the ability to wrap you up with a blissful experience. Except for the monsoons, you can visit Dolu Lake to witness the scenic beauty at any point of the year. The distance between Silchar and Dolu Lake is 27 km by road.

02. Silcoorie Tea Garden

Silcoorie Tea Garden

Being in Assam, you are naturally inclined towards tea gardens and their beauty. Well, if the world talks about the beauty of the tea estates of Assam, you are just around the corner to experience it. Plan a picnic with your friends and family at one of the most desired picnic spot in Silchar – The Silcoorie Tea Garden. Located at 14.0km from Silchar via Silchar Bypass, Silcoorie Tea Garden welcomes everyone with its lush green beauty. If you are spiritual, you might also enjoy visiting Matri Mandir, which enhances the beauty with a spiritual touch.

03. Khaspur


History has its beauty if visualized! And, if you are a person who wants to peep into historical sites, visit Khaspur. A 45-minute drive of 21.6 km through NH37 from Silchar takes you to a place to witness the remains of the Kachari Kingdom at Khaspur. Located in the Thaligram area, it is set with historical values with the Sun Gate and the Lion Gate as its added feathers. A picnic at such a location could make you nostalgic and make your heart pound thinking about the history of our ancestors. Friends and family trips with the right food choice could be the best combination for witnessing the beauty of Khaspur.

04. Madhura

Madhura Kuwari

A village that can pull you towards its beauty is Madhura. Being one of the best picnic spots in Silchar, it is in the Udharbond area of the Cachar district of Assam, it is one of the best picnic spots where you can jump in. With its low-depth river water and surrounding mountains, you can walk and wet your feet, enjoying the moments with your friends and family.

05. Malidor

Malidor silchar

A blend of travel and water-based beauty with a lush green view is the charm of Malidor. Accessed via Kalian Road, it is approximately 51.0 km from Silchar via NH6 and NH37. You might be taken away by the magic of nature while travelling towards the Malidor. However, a picnic at the flowing river banks and a dense forest view is an everlasting experience. The Incredible beauty of Malidor always charmed the visitors to pause from the hustle of life and experience the beauty of nature. So, pack your bags and plan a drive to create one of the best memories of your life.

06. Thaligram Kuwari

Thaligram Kuwari

A picnic trip amid water, stone and sky views could be at Thaligram Kuwari. Located 26.9 km via NH37 from Silchar, it is a reachable distance from the Silchar Airport Road. Thaligram Kuwari is in the vicinity of Khaspur and is considered one of the picnic spots in Silchar. At Thaligram Kuwari, you can relax and walk while witnessing the clear sky with a broad view. Plan your next picture-perfect trip with your friends and family right away.

07. Rosekandy Tea Estate

Rosekandy Tea Estate

Suppose you are reading this blog sitting back at Silchar; you know the name Rosekandy. Yes, it is the estate of the same tea brand, which you might have bought at least once in your lifetime for your family. Rosekandy Tea Estate is yet another scenic lane of wonder-filled tea gardens. It offers you a tea garden view along with clean air and a serene environment to sit back and relax. While thinking about the beauty of life at Assam, the tea garden is the enriched feeling you could carry throughout. The scenic Rosekandy Tea Estate can be reached by taking the Silchar Bypass and Hailakandi Road (29.9 km).

08. Ting Tong -Chandighat

Ting Tong Chandighat Silchar

Walking on the wet stones with the flowing water touching your feet is a breathtaking experience. Well! Ting Tong could be your next leisure destination which could excite you with its natural beauty. Surrounded by the Chandighat Tea Estate, it is one of those places where you can witness natural beauty in a peaceful state. A drive of 19.9 km via NH37 and Udarband Airport Road can land you at this delightful place.

09. Srikona waterfall

Srikona waterfall

If you want to chill only with your friends, this place could fit your list. It is the place which attracts localities to see and hover around named as Srikona Waterfall. You can visit for a while to relax and witness the waterfall.

10. Sonbeel


Being one of the largest lakes in southern Assam India, Son Beel carries a beauty of its own. Located in the Karimganj district, Son Beel is 68.0 km via NH37 from Silchar. It is one of the favourite spots for visitors; however, August is the perfect time to visit. If you plan to picnic with your loved ones, this could be your perfect plan to witness natural beauty while enjoying your favourite food.

11. Chatla


Yet another wetland, Chatla offers a picture-perfect view for its audience. Witnessing such a mesmerizing combination of greenery, lake and wide view is a rare combination. If you are keen to click pictures to frame your memories, Chatla is one of those picnic spots which could furnish an everlasting experience. A  24.4 km drive via Silchar Bypass and Hailakandi Road is the closest distance for wandering to Chatla.

12. Sindura –Kalain

Sindura Kalain

A picnic view can never be such enriching as Sindura-Kalain. Located in the vicinity of Kalain Tea Estate, it welcomes everyone with its serene environment filled with lakes and dense mountain views.

13. Jatinga


Located in the Dima Hasao district of Assam, Jatinga is a small Hill station and village located about 80 kilometres north of Silchar. Known as the valley of death for birds, Jatinga also gained popularity due to a bird suicide phenomenon. Later revelations showed that the birds don’t commit suicide, but locals kill them with bamboo poles. Nevertheless, Jatinga is one of the most popular hill stations in Assam and one of the best picnic spots near Silchar, and it also attracts tourists from across the country.

14. Saisel Waterfall

The beautiful Sahel Waterfall is a great spot for your next picnic. It is situated 26 km away from Silchar in Assam along the Pailapool – Rajabazar – Harinagar – Kumachārā Road at Tritya Dikchāmukh. Even though it is not very popular, this hidden treasure attracts many tourists who want to find peace and nature’s splendour.

Saisel waterfall travel blog

Saisel provides an unspoiled landscape and possibilities for walking and having a picnic. There are thousands of trees in which various kinds of birds nest; Saisel is heaven for people who love animals. 
In the monsoons, the waterfall roars and the trail swells with water, leading to a more thrilling adventure. Water level decreases slightly in winter (Nov-Feb) but it is still perfect for hiking and picnicking.
The best time to tour is in October-November when water levels are manageable giving a viewer an opportunity to marvel at the waterfall and the serenity that nature has to offer through hiking. 


So, here are some of the best picnic places in Silchar. During this time Silchar can be said to be an underrated beauty in the field of outdoor recreation.
Needless to say, the picnic is more about the company than its venue. Therefore, take your family, friends or your loved one, prepare your favourite foods and beverages and set out to these amazing picnic spots. Remember to leave all sites clean by throwing away all your litter on your way out!
When you get to sit back to enjoy all the beautiful scenery, juicy flavours, and great company, you will come to know that the simple pleasures are the best. A picnic lets us slow life down, relax, and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us – something we need more of these days.
So, plan a picnic quickly as Silchar welcomes you with open arms and breathtaking landscapes.

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