Saisel Waterfall

Staying close to nature has several benefits. It helps you get the peace you often miss in the hustle of fast-moving life. Recently, we have come across a spot known as Saisel Waterfall that has mesmerizing natural beauty. 

Saisel Waterfall is located in Pailapool – Rajabazar- Harinagar – Kumachara Road, TrityaDikchamukh, Assam. Saisel Waterfall is towards the north of Assam’s second-largest town Silchar. The waterfall is around 26 km away from the town. 

Saisel wasterfall

This mesmerizing place is one of the hidden spots in the region where people feel rejuvenated and close the mother nature. Despite not being very famous, there are quite some visitors throughout the year. Saiselis, is an immutable place for nature lovers as it offers a lot in the form of the serenity of nature and the beauty of the surroundings. Apart from that, you can enjoy simple hiking and mini picnic there. 

The sight of the saisel waterfalls will force you to love this place more than ever. You will unexpectedly discover that just 26 km away from the busy town, there is another side that is solely towards this kind of adventure, which is amalgamated with nature to a great extent. 

Saisel Waterfall tree

Moreover, it is a paradise for animal lovers, as there are innumerable trees that are home to birds of different species. You can also find fishes and other aquatic animals swimming freely through the flowing stream of water. The natural beauty, the greenery, the sneaking sunlight, and the sweet chirping of birds is enough to feed your soul.

Saisel Waterfall flowing stream

Saisel Waterfall is an ideal choice in many ways. Consider visiting this place if you want a new spot for a picnic, hiking, or peace in nature.

Which is the best time to visit Saisel Waterfall?

During the monsoon, the waterfall is filled with water, which makes it an ideal pick for water lovers. The route to the waterfall fills with water, making the entire experience more adventurous.

Saisel Waterfall natural view

The water dries up a little in the winter months (November to February). However, it still holds charm as the route becomes ideal for hiking and picnic.

The best time to visit Saisel Waterfall is in October and November. During that time, the water level is moderate, and one can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, experience hiking, and find peace in nature simultaneously. 

How to reach Saisel Waterfall?

The Saisel Waterfall is located around 26 km away from Silchar. If you take the airways, the nearest airport to Pailapool is Silchar Airport, situated at 11.6 km. You can board a bus to Silchar and rent a car or auto rickshaw to reach Pailapool.

If you want to take the railways, the nearest railway station to Pailapool is Jiribam, located at around 10.4 km, and Silchar railway station at 23.0 kilometers. You can choose any railway station that is convenient for you and rent a car or auto rickshaw to reach Pailapool. 

Once you reach the Pailapool market, you can take the route that heads straight toward the north. Further, you will find the Nehru College, Joypur Road, Lalangkitta. After heading on the same road for a while, you will find a small road to your right with a signboard, “Nehru College to Lalangpar.” You must take that road and ask the locals; they are extremely helpful and will guide you. Once you reach the spot, you must walk through the hiking route to the waterfall.

Things to keep in mind while you visit Saisel Waterfall: 

The beautiful Saisel Waterfall is not known to many people yet. It is preserved and maintained by the locals. The people of Pailapool use Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, or Manipur language for communication. Following, we have mentioned some essential points that will help you have a better experience at Saisel Waterfall:

Saisel Waterfall Cave view
  • Although the locals are very sweet and helpful, there is a strict prohibition of the consumption of alcohol on the spot. Avoid carrying or consuming any drugs or alcohol while you visit the place.
  • A solo trip might sound fascinating. However, it is best to visit this place in groups of 4 to 5 people. 
  • The walking route to the destination is not very simple for non-hikers. Avoid wearing slippers or high heels while you visit. Wearing shoes can be the best as it will help you stay comfortable and safe. You may need to walk for quite some time. Don’t be disheartened; enjoy the journey, as the destination is mesmerizing.
  • Although the natural beauty, the greenery, and the sweet chirping of birds will feed your soul, your stomach might demand more. Carry water and food, as you won’t find any store to buy food there.
  • Reach the place early in the day if you want to enjoy the peaceful ambiance. Since the location is quite remote, leaving the spot before the sunlight fades out is recommended. 
  • Once you return, you may find many local vendors who sell fresh fruits and vegetables at a very reasonable price. Treat yourself and buy from them; the fruits and vegetables are extremely fresh and organic. However, please try not to bargain with them as they invest their entire day in farming.
Saisel Local vendors

This place will help you come closer to nature. Since not many people know about its existence, the place is still clean. Please try not to spoil it by throwing your waste there. Carry a bag to collect your garbage, such as food packaging, chips packets, water bottles, etc. Dump the bag later in a dumping yard or dustbin and help the natural beauty bloom. 

Apart from that, share this blog with your gang and visit the Saisel Waterfall soon. Do share your experiences with us in our comment section. We would love to know about your experience at the Saisel Waterfall. 

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