Birthday Girl Samantha Ruth Prabhu says she worked ‘odd jobs’ to afford one meal a day

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, one of the biggest emerging names in Indian cinema had a struggling past. On the occasion of her birthday, let us remember the time when Samantha opened up about doing “odd jobs” to meet daily ends.
The sensational “Antava” dancer who has been melting our heart with her amazing acting skills and empowering opinions was born on the 28th April of 1987. After her debut in the Telugu romance film “Ye Maaya Cgesave”, she has won millions of hearts and Filmfare awards. But life wasn’t always so successful and glamorous for Samantha.
The popular South Indian film actress opened up about her hard struggle while attending a cultural event, sharing how difficult the journey to the top had been for her. Samantha shared that there were days when she had only one meal in the whole day because she would go a month or two without earning anything. She also mentioned that she had to take up odd jobs in order to meet her ends.

While talking about her struggle she said, “Not many years ago, I was there among all of you. I wish all of you become more famous, more richer and more powerful than me. I sincerely wish that for everyone one of you, because it is possible. When I was studying, my mom and dad told me to ‘study study and you will make it big”.
“I know I shouldn’t be advising you but I studied really hard. I topped college but when I wanted to study further, my parents could not afford it. I could not afford to study further and I had no dream, no future nothing. What I’m trying to say is I know that you believe that you are supposed to take the path that your parents, that everyone expects of you. But I tell you to dream whatever you want and you will achieve it,” she added.

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