China wants Arunachal Pradesh: Chinese article claims China will invade Arunachal Pradesh by 2040

A Chinese article came out, which highlights the disturbing future plans with China’s neighboring countries. Their plans to acquire control over some regions in a phased manner have recently been widely talked about. The bizarre article claims China will invade Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese war theory has been claimed by a Chinese website called Sohu in 2013. The disclosure of the article did spark tension all over the world, specially at Arunachal Pradesh, China border. The Chinese dream of having a map of Arunachal Pradesh occupied by China.

The article starts by stating China’s propaganda of being involved in a war from 2020 to 2025 in a bid to unify with its mainland. According to the article, the second war will be fought for the South China sea. The United States will however not be involved directly but will provoke Vietnam and the Philippines to fight against the Chinese ruthless army. The third part of the war will be between China and India in the year 2035 to 2040 to capture Arunachal Pradesh. Now the question is, Why China wants Arunachal Pradesh?

The state of India, Arunachal Pradesh, shares a border with Tibet. The beautiful hill station has always been an important part of India. However, the Chinese consider Arunachal Pradesh as a Southern Tibet and want to make it a part of their country. The article claims that the government of Taiwan will receive an ultimatum from the Chinese government in the year 2020.

The article also showcases China’s intention to take Senkaku Islands as well. Hence, the fourth war will be fought around 2040 to 2045 to win control over the island. Also the fifth was is planned to be fought between 2045 and 2050 to win victory over Outer Mongolia. Evidently, China has a full plan to disturb global peace for its selfish and immoral motives.

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