Durga puja attack in Bangladesh 2021 | CPM protests in Silchar

In view of the Durga puja attack in Bangladesh 2021 and the continued persecution of minorities, the CPM Cachar District Committee has staged a protest in front of the Silchar Khudiram statue on October 16. Speaking on the occasion, Dulal Mitra, district secretary of the party, said it was “worrying” that the country’s Hindu minority was being persecuted for leaving the Quran, the holy book of Islam, under the feet of Hanuman at Durgotsab in Comilla, Bangladesh because its influence is normal in India.


CPM leader Dulal Mitra said there was a deep conspiracy to destabilize the entire Indian Subcontinent. Religious fundamentalist forces are active in both countries. The Sheikh Hasina government of Bangladesh is taking firm steps to suppress these. He hopes that the government of the country will be able to return to normalcy as soon as possible. It is a matter of great joy that progressive and leftist forces are protesting against the riots in almost every district of Bangladesh.

Ansarul Haque, Samiran Acharya, cultural activist Paritosh Dutta, and others addressed the protest. Ansarul Haque said that wherever the majority community attacks the minority community, the CPM is vocal in demanding the protection of the minority community. We strongly protest against the current situation in Bangladesh and the persecution of the Hindu community there. Samiran Acharya said there was a deep conspiracy behind the recent events in Bangladesh to destabilize the subcontinent. Paritosh Dutt said if any incident happens in India and Bangladesh, its impact falls on other countries. If someone tries to destroy the atmosphere of harmony by saying something provocative, they have to be careful.

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