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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

  Shri Vivek Podder, Co-Convenor of BJP state trade cell and President of Assam Chamber of Commerce organized a Youth Entrepreneurship Awareness Program on Monday, January 4 at Malini Beel, Silchar. Along with Podder, other speakers present at the event were Rtd. bank official Mr. Trideb Choudhury and RSETI trainer Mr. Shahid Alom Choudhury

The Poddar Toyota and Poddar JCB Managing Director, along with local organizations The Readers Time and Bharat Ratna Club conducted the program to ensure the development of youth entrepreneurship among the youth in rural areas. One of the agendas of the meeting was to educate the youth about how to avail schemes and plans provided by the government for the development of business start-ups.

The program educated its audience of how to precede with a new business through various skill development techniques. There was an in-depth discussion on how to avail various government schemes and facilities to one’s business. The program also pressed on the matter of how women can become self-reliant and work for the betterment of their families by the help of various self help groups. 

“In order to avail the facilities provided by the government, people will have to make they capable and learn the various skills and techniques related to the concerned field.” said Poddar. He further encouraged everyone to visit RSETI (Rural Self Employment Training Institutions) and learn the ways and skills free of charge. 

The mass turnout for the event was an indicator of how much the youths of Silchar lack knowledge and is ignorant of such matters. The program was a necessary step towards a better future for the youths of Barak Valley.

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