Malaika shares details of her post-accident life

Malaika underwent a horrible accident on the 2nd of May while she was coming back to Mumbai from Pune. Her vehicle collied with other vehicles on the road. Although the accident shook her up, she returned to the studio for continuing the shooting. According to her, the accident didn’t torture her physically as much as mentally.

In an interview with Bollywood times she said, “That fateful night — I remember there was a lot of blood around me. My family, Arjun (Kapoor), and everyone had rushed in. It was after about a week that I saw myself in the mirror, finally. The scar was right there on my forehead — a stark reminder of what had happened, of the fragility of life. It wasn’t vanity that came over me at that time. Yes, vanity is crucial in this business, but it was the fact that this scar is a reminder which will stay where I will see it every day. Even though this scar will remind me of what happened, it won’t stop me from getting back to life. Sometimes, I still recall that night; I was praying for two things. I didn’t want to die that night, and I didn’t want to lose my eyesight. When the accident happened, I’m told I was constantly asking for my mother and my son Arhaan. I was mumbling about going back on set on Monday. The accident happened on a Saturday night. I didn’t go back on the Monday after the accident. But in 15 days, I did.”

While talking about her recovery phase she told, “Initially, I was in a daze. I’d be smiling and talking, and I would repeat everything that had happened to people visiting me. I was on autopilot mode. But it wasn’t sinking in. The only time I would shudder was when I’d be alone, reliving those moments. It was beyond scary. In those 15 days after the trauma, I didn’t feel safe sitting in a car. I know this is temporary. Also, I didn’t want constant reminders. I just wanted to be left alone after a point. Initially, I didn’t know the extent of the injury, and I was in shock and couldn’t see clearly. There were shards of glass all over and tiny pieces had gone into my eyes.”

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