Neurointervention CME 2023 SMCH: A first in medical education in Barak Valley

Another historic moment for the medical fraternity in Barak Valley, with the successful completion of the CME 2023 held on 6th January 2023 at Cachar Club, Silchar. The event was an education cum interactive session that saw participation from the doyens and the experts in the medical field.

The event was also attended by several important dignitaries as well, prominent among them Dr. Rajdeep Roy, the Hon’ble Member of parliament from Silchar. The event organised by the Silchar Medical College and Hospital, was also marked by the presence of its principal, Dr. B.K. Bezboruah.

Dr. Rajdeep Roy and SMCH Principal Lighting Ceremony

The even at the Cachar Club, followed an eventful and historic day for the medical community at Silchar, as the first cerebral angiography was also performed at the SMCH that very morning by Dr. Sukalyan Purkayastha (MBBS, MD, DNB, DM -Intervention Neuroradiology, CCST) and Dr. Sambuddha Dhar (MBBS, MS, MCh- Neurosurgeon & Interventionist, Assistant Professor Head of Neurosurgery at SMCH). In fact, Dr. Roy (M.P.) made it a point to highlight the achievements of Dr. Bezboruah and Dr. Dhar in establishing the neurosurgery unit in Silchar.

Dr. Sambuddha Dhar and Dr. Rajdeep Roy

The event saw seminar conducted digitally by Prof. (Dr.) Suchanda Bhattacharjee (Neurosurgeon, NIMS), who graced the attendees with her learned insights in the field of interventional neurosurgery. Dr. Sambuddha Dhar also presented his thought on the topic of Digital Subtraction Angiography followed by Dr. Hemant’s insights on the niche. This was an especially deserved acknowledgement of the contributions of Dr. Dhar, who had to face many hurdles while starting the first Neurosurgery department in the region. From starting out without an established set-up, to setting up a full-fledged department at SMCH, the journey for him has been truly remarkable.

Dr. Sukalyan Purkayastha delivering speech

Dr. Sukalyan Purakayastha, along with other prominent doyens also presented talks on various different topics. Dr. Ratnadip Bose (Neurosurgeon) was also among the speakers who shared his experience and insights on Neurosurgery during the event.

Tech enthusiast, founder and CEO Mr. DIbbyyan Nath delivering speech on The Readers Time magazine launch event

The event saw participation from multiple quarters of the civil society as well. One of the prominent events was the launch of the Health Edition of the Readers Time Magazine by the founder and director of The Readers Time, Shri Dibbyyan Nath.

The Readers Time magazine launch event

He also spoke at the event and thanked the entire medical fraternity and especially the SMCH for their continued and valued service to the community at large.

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