Payal Rohatgi talks about her infertility in the recent episode of ‘Lock Up’

Indian actress Payal Rohatgi has opened about her emotional scars in the latest episode of ‘Lock Up’. The actress said she has been wanting to settle down with her partner Sangram Singh but they have not tied the knot yet. She also revealed that she is unable to conceive in the episode.

While cutting onions in the yard, Payal got emotional in front of Azma and talked about how she is been dreaming on settling down with her partner for the last 12 years. And in the company of Saisha Shinde and Anjali Arora, she revealed a deep secret about her maternity unfortune. Payal has been trying to conceive for the past 5 years but she has been unable to get pregnant, even with all the treatments. According to her, this is another vital reason for the delay of their marriage.

Payal said, “We all have secrets, we choose not to talk about it because we know we are on a reality show, sometimes a few things trigger some other things.”

“Aapne bola na Sangram ne aap ko kuchaisa bola jisse mere cha*** geeli hojaayegi. So, the reason we have not got married is because I am trying to have a kid and I can’t. It’s been 5 years, it’s been 7 years, I am trying and I can’t, it doesn’t work. I tell Sangram to get married to a girl who can give him a child. I’ve always told him this because I can’t give him a child. This is not part of my secret because I never wanted to reveal. I never freeze my eggs, I tell girls to freeze their eggs because career kechakkarmein they delay,” she said to Saisha.

Further, the actress said that she was considering surrogacy or adoption, “I will go for surrogacy, Sangram always tells me that he wants a mad kid like me, but I can’t give him. I will adopt a kid. Karanvir used to tell me when you have a child, you become a mother. I would zone out and zone in. I will adopt and that’s why I need marriage on paper because doctors say “aapki shaadi hogayi hai kaagaz leke aao, they say live-in nahi, get your marriage certificate. I will get the marriage on paper.”

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