Silchar Durga puja Dashami | Immersion of idols amidst the crowd in Silchar

The immersion of idols took place among the crowd without any unpleasant incident. More than 200 idols were unveiled at Silchar Sadarghat on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, a huge crowd gathered to bid goodbye to Maa Durga on the streets of Silchar. On that day, immersion of 178 idols took place till 11 pm. District Magistrate Keerthi Jalli also took part in the immersion of idols in Silchar. Along with DDC Rajib Roy, the District Magistrate was also involved in the abandonment of pots.

The immersion of the idol of Baroari Pujo started from 1 pm on Friday but the mass crowd gathered in the evening. The idol immersion had a deadline of 9 pm but the immersion period lasted till 11 pm. Although no untoward incident took place, a spark of fire fell on the head of a woman while setting off fireworks near Devdoot point. Police measures were taken from the beginning to avoid unpleasant incidents. The CRPF was not seen patrolling in many places despite the talk of cracking down. However, the Police riding squad turned on the siren in the crowd.

The government  SOP  failed in the evening of immersion of the Goddess.  All protocols disappeared after dusk.  There was a scattering of maskless people. Most of the Puja committees were accompanied by hundreds of people. In the ‘traditional way’, the young and old merchants went to Sadarghat shaking their waists to the beat of the DJ. However, the District Magistrate urged the devotees to immerse the idol by chanting the name of God and playing songs out of reverence. But no one responded to the call of the District Magistrate. The sky-wind of Silchar trembled at the sound of the sound boxes ringing in the ears.  At the same time, there were crowds on the highway. All in all, Silchar was quite rhythmic in the Bhasan period.

The District Disaster Management Office was keen to complete the idol immersion without any hindrance. NDRF and SDRF were also active. They were keeping a close eye on Life jackets and riverboats. As a result, NDRF and SDRF were able to rescue a person who fell in the river at noon. The man who fell into the water was reportedly intoxicated. However, his name was not known.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, District Magistrate Keerthi Jalli, along with Superintendent of Police Ramandeep Kaur, and other officers of the police administration were at Sadarghat. The administration had already set a time for the Pujo committees to leave. As a result, one idol after another could be immersed from noon. More than 20 idols were dumped at the temporary immersion ghat on Shivpur Road in Tarapur on Friday. There was no security officially. The idols from the Puja of the district administration were immersed at around 2 pm. Earlier, the district magistrate took part in Shidur Khela and Dhamail with women. Bikramjit Chakraborty, Tarashankar Das, Joydeep Nath, Joydeep Paul, Prabir Kurmi, Pappu Yadav, and others were among the administrative staff with the district magistrate. The district governor wished well to the people including the entire district. Meanwhile, the idol floating at Sadarghat started from 7 am on Saturday. According to municipal sources, 78 idols have been immersed till 9 pm.

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