Silchar-Sylhet Festival – Separated by Partition, United by Culture: Assam to witness this exciting event from 29th to 31st October which will ‘showcase tribal culture, cuisine, arts, crafts, entertainment’

After the partition in 1947, the Sylhet district with majority of Muslim people of Assam became part of East Pakistan and is currently a part of Bangladesh. Several Sylheti people has to flee from their homeland and took shelter in India as refugees. While the tensions of those times are not something that can be forgotten easily, there can be a celebration to “celebrate the age-old people to people connect” in both sides of the border. Assam’s Silchar will host a three-day Silchar-Sylhet festival from 29th October to 31st October to celebrate India’s Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and the golden jubilee of independence of Bangladesh.

Along with several foreign dignitaries, many union ministers and chief ministers of the northeastern states are expected to have active participation in the event. While interacting with the media MP of Silchar Dr. Rajdeep Roy stated that this is going to be the first glorious inter-country festival that will be witnessed by Assam on the occasion of the country’s 75 years of independence.

Dr. Roy mentioned that “we will be able to address the issues of both countries, including trade and commerce, river sharing apart from intermixing of Art, Culture & food of both the countries.”

He continued and said, “Sylhet was partitioned in 1947 from India. This event will act to bridge the gap between the two countries socially and politically.”

Dr. Roy also mentioned that it is expected that several MPs of Bangladesh and other ministers will also show their gracious presence in the event.

In the press conference, Major General (Retd) of Bangladesh Samsul Arfin also shared his opinion about the festival. He said, “There will be cultural & literary festival apart from business interaction during the three days. Sylhet was once a part of Assam and we are hoping to witness the replica once again during the festival.”

This Silchar-Sylhet festival is expected to enhance the age-old sense of friendship and establish a good relationship between both the neighboring countries who share diverse yet similar culture, tradition and much more. Besides, in the event people can also enjoy several tribal culture, cuisine, arts, crafts, and entertainment.

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