Six cops suspended | UP Businessman Dies in Police Raid

UP Businessman Dies in Police Raid: A shocking case of negligence came out. A 38-year-old UP businessman found dead after police raid. Six police personnel got suspended for negligence. The incident took place on 29th September, Wednesday, in Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur. SSP Gorakhpur Vipin Tada informed the media regarding the incident.

According to the reports, the businessman, who is identified as Manish Kumar Gupta, got injured during the raid which took place after midnight on Tuesday and was hospitalized, but later collapsed due to his injuries. Gupta along with his two friends and business associates from different cities were in the hotel room, during the raid occurred in the hotel. They mentioned they were in Gorakhpur to meet a common friend. The incident will be investigated by SP North, Manoj Kumar Awasti.

As per the police, Gupta fell in the hotel room and collapsed. Tada said in a statement that police went to the hotel to look for criminals as three suspects were expected to stay in one of the rooms. Tada gave a statement that says, “When the police team went there with the hotel manager, in panic, one of the men in the room fell and injured himself. After this, our men got him admitted to a hospital, where he was treated. He died during treatment at BRD Hospital.” Tada mentioned that the post-mortem will be conducted by a panel of doctor, also a proper investigation will be made to find out the actual motive of the three men’s presence in the hotel.

Gupta’s wife Meenakshi has accused the policeman for misbehaving with her husband and assaulted him while he showed objection to their behaviour. Gupta’s wife Meenakshi, while talking to the media said, “My husband had gone to Gorakhpur for some work. He booked a room in a hotel with two others who were meeting my husband on business. They later told me that my husband was beaten very badly by the policemen. My husband was murdered by the administration of Yogi and Modi ji. Now I want to ask them both, who will look after my four-year-old child.”

Friend and companion of Gupta, Hardeep Singh Chauhan, who was also staying at the same hotel, mentioned that while they were sleeping in the room, around 12:30am the cops came to the room and asked for their IDs. As Gupta objected of being troubled at this time of night. After which the policemen started to beat and threat them. Chauhan claimed that the policeman had consumed alcohol and dragged Gupta out of the room, while he was covered in blood.

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