Army captures Terrorists From Pakistan In Jammu Kashmir: one caught by and another was killed

In an anti-infiltration operation in the Line of Control area on the Uri sector Army captures Terrorists From Pakistan In Jammu, the terrorist was affiliated with Lashkar-e-Toiba was seized alive by the army. In the operation, one terrorist got shoot by the army and three soldiers of the Indian Army sustained injuries. The captured militant is an 18-year-old Babar Patra resident of Okara district of Punjab Province of Pakistan.

Major General Virender Vats, GoC 19 Infantry Division in his media briefing said that the anty- infiltration operation was launched on 18th September soon after the Army identified some suspicious movement along the Line of Control.

Major General Virender in his briefing further said that the encounter takes place when it was believed that there were 6 infiltrators. Two of them managed to cross the border and the remaining fore retreated back into PoK. 

“The four terrorists, who were on the other side, took advantage of the dense foliage and retreated back into PoK. The remaining two sneaked in,” said Major General Virender.

According to the officials, one of the terrorists was caught by Army alive, and another was killed in the encounter after taking due precautions he was taken into custody alive. In the interrogation, 18 years old Babar Patra admitted that he is a member of Lashkar-e-Toiba and he took three weeks of training in Khyber camp, Ghadiwala in Muzaffarabad in 2019. According to an Army official, the infiltration attempt was made along the Salamabad Nala, which was the same route used for the 2016 suicide attack on the Uri garrison.

This is a matter of pride that in recent times including this infiltration, Army and intelligence and disabled two major terror attack on Indian soil and they continue to prevent Jammu and Kashmir terror attacks. But it is also a matter of thought that, these incidents point towards the fact the frequency of terror attacks on Indian soil will be increasing in near future. After the Taliban came into power, it is now clear that Afghanistan will join Pakistan to support terrorists and help them to achieve their brutal goal of killing innocent humans not only in the region but in the whole world. To tackle this crisis, now the time has come that the world powers shout come together and take action against the terrorist organization and the sponsoring establishment of this terrorist group.

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