The recent attack on Hindus in Bangladesh 2021: Protest procession of ISKCON in Silchar

The recent attack on Hindus in Bangladesh and the persecution of Hindus, and other religious minorities continue in Bangladesh. Durga mandaps were demolished before the Durga Puja began. The ISKCON temple in Noakhali was attacked. Several devotees were killed. Numerous people took to the streets in Silchar on Tuesday at the call of ISKCON to protest against the tyranny of the fundamentalists in Bangladesh. A protest procession demanding an end to the Hindu persecution in Bangladesh and also demanding exemplary punishment of the fundamentalists was taken out from the premises of the ISKCON temple in Ambicapatty.

Apart from ISKCON devotees, Swamiji and common people from different religious organizations also joined the procession. With placards in hand, the procession passed through Premtala, Shillongpatty, and gathered at the foot of the statue of Sahid Khudiram Bose. During the procession, Hare Krishna’s name was being chanted on one side and the inhuman torture on Bangladesh’s religious minorities was being chanted on the other.

At the foot of the statue of Khudiram Bose, various speakers expressed deep concern over the attack on fundamentalists by the religious minorities of Bangladesh, raising the issue of loss of life, property, and religious sentiments. Sudharam Das, vice-president of the Silchar ISKCON temple, said strong action should be taken against those who resort to violence and persecute other religions. He said ISKCON was protesting in various parts of the world against the barbaric acts against Hindus in Bangladesh.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Silchar has demanded the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the whole issue. A memorandum to this effect has been sent to the district magistrate of Cachar addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma. It has requested the government of India to send a strong message to Bangladesh so that the religious protections of the followers of the Hindu religion in Bangladesh are ensured.

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Paresh Kumar Prajapatya, Gyaneshwar Chaitanya Das, Bireshwar Das, Dhiraj Nayak Das, Kalia Krishna Das, Jayanta Debroy, and others said that Hindu brothers and sisters are not safe in Bangladesh. The Prime Minister should immediately discuss this with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. At the same time, if the Prime Minister raises the issue in the international arena, it will be possible to punish the fundamentalists. They expressed the view that it is imperative to put pressure on Bangladesh at the international level to provide religious, socio-economic protection to the religious minorities in Bangladesh.

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