7 Best Mattress under 20000 in India 2023

Our sleep decides how good or bad the next day will be. If you sleep well, you can handle difficult situations with ease. On the other hand, if you don’t get proper sleep, even the slightest inconvenience can make you cranky. Imagine after working hard all day long you want to do nothing but get a good sleep. But, your bed isn’t ready to offer you with the quality sleep that you are so craving for. Well, that can happen if you are relying on the wrong mattress. Sleeping on the wrong mattress will not just disturb your sleep, but will also bring different adverse effects to your health. Therefore having the right mattress is very important.

But with so many options and the rising expenditure making the right decision can be challenging. Well, you don’t have to worry, nor do you need to compromise, as we are here to help you out. Our team of experts has spent weeks testing and comparing different aspects. We finally settled down and succeeded to shortlist some of the best mattresses under 20000 in India, which will give you better sleep without burning a hole in your pocket.

List of some of the Best Mattress under 20000

My top choice
01. SleepyCat Original Ortho 3-Layered Medium Firm 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress
  • Innovative cooling technology
  • Spinal alignment and orthopedic support
  • Reputable and trusted brand
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Too firm for side sleepers

SleepyCat Original Ortho Mattress with AirGenTM Memory Foam Upgrade is ideal for those seeking a comfy and supportive sleep. This is a medium-firm mattress made of AirGenTM memory foam and high-density support foam for balanced comfort and back support.
It has a plush 1-inch AirGen™ layer which uses revolutionary airflow technology to keep you cool all the night long. Besides, its breathable bamboo fabric encases the mattress, giving an impression of luxury.
SleepyCat is a reliable brand renowned for quality and comfort. The product has numerous customer reviews, all of which glow, indicating that this is a good mattress to buy for better sleep. Its other features include anti-skid base, vacuum-packed delivery, 10 years warranty, and possible extra equipment such as the mattress protector and pillow.


  • Medium-firm feel
  • AirGenTM memory foam layer
  • High-density support foam
  • SoftTouch bamboo zipper cover
  • 10-year warranty
  • King size – 78x72x8 inches
Sleepyhead Sense - BodyIQ Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
Best runner up
02. Sleepyhead Sense – BodyIQ Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Proper spinal alignment
  • Minimises sleep disturbances
  • Less bounce than traditional mattresses

The Sleepyhead Sense is an advanced, orthopedic memory foam mattress designed to address the varying support and comfort demands of all sleepers. The mattress incorporates BodyIQ technology which responds to your unique body shapes, distribution of weight and sleep position to relieve pressure points and align your spinal.

The memory foam within the Sleepyhead Sense mattress is specially designed to contour to your body, with the right support where the body needs it most. This gives excellent pressure relief to the shoulders, hips, and other areas. Besides, it has great cushioning for the body.

A remarkable characteristic of the Sleepyhead Sense is the built-in temperature control technology set to maintain body temperature during the night. Phase change materials that absorb and release heat can be contained within the foam to keep you in a cool and dry atmosphere.

Moreover, this is an orthopedic mattress made with three zones of HR foam specifically designed for body support. The different foam firmness levels effectively cushion the head, shoulder and foot while softly hugging the hips, lower back and other pressure points.


  • BodyIQ technology
  • Cooling memory foam
  • Zoned orthopedic support Zero motion transfer
Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress 8-Inch Queen Size
Best for comfort
03. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam 8-inch Queen Size Mattress
  • Alleviates pressure points
  • Enhances spinal alignment
  • Plush comfort
  • Motion separation
  • Easy to clean
  • Queen size can be small

The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress contours the body but with the orthopedic design to give restorative sleep during the night.
The mattress features an ergonomic shape that ensures proper alignment of the spine and elimination of pressure points while offering appropriate support for the body while sleep.
Also, the memory foam allows your body to go in gradually, so as to make it more comfortable. Another feature includes the partition of motion, meaning you will not feel your friend’s movements as you two move around. Additionally, this mattress comes with a washable cover, which makes it easy to wash and ensure it remains fresh.
This Queen size Wakefit mattress comes with its hypoallergenic and breathable premium fabric, and is the best suggestion for people that have allergies or skin conditions.


  • Orthopedic design
  • Medium firmness level
  • Memory foam layer
  • High resilience foam base
  • Removable and washable cover
  • 10-year warranty
  • Queen size available
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable
Best for firmness
04. Springtek Ortho Pocket Premium Spring 6-inch King Size Mattress
  • Provides orthopedic back support
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Good motion isolation
  • Durable steel coils
  • Strong edge support
  • 6-year warranty
  • Not ideal for heavy individuals

The Springtek Ortho Pocket Spring 6-inch King Size Mattress is worth considering. This mattress is medium-firm constructed from the highest quality materials and aims at eliminating back pain while supporting the body for optimal rest.

An innerspring system of individually wrapped pocket springs provides strong support and durability to the core. They consist of tempered steel coils that retain their structure, bounce back, and at the same time allow for ventilation. Besides, the motion-isolating individually encased coils also isolate motion well hence no sleep disturbance when your partner moves in bed.

Also, the high-density foam around the pocket springs provides plush cushioning. Foam encasing at the edges increases usable surface areas and edge support.

This product comes in 6-inch thickness. It is neither too soft nor too hard but combines the comforting qualities of foam with the buoyancy of pocket springs. Quality and durable materials are carefully considered, as these premium foams will not sag while the coils are of steel and retain resilience.

This construction confidence is further cemented by the 6-year warranty against defects. Customers get the opportunity to also test the mattress for free for 30 days.


  • Medium firm comfort level
  • Innerspring system with pocketed coils
  • High-density foam layers
  • Foam encasement around edges
  • 6-inch thickness
Best for side sleeper
05. Flo Ergo – Aloe Vera Gel Infused Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Enhances cooling and relaxation
  • Alleviates pressure points and spinal alignment
  • Balanced firmness
  • White colour susceptible to staining

The Flo ErgoTM Mattress is a specially crafted memory foam mattress that concentrates on comfort, support, and longevity. The antibacterial and cooling nature of Aloe Vera has been infused in the mattress to provide a soft cooling environment that can induce deep healing sleep. The body can relax itself and soothe the tired joints and muscles through the Aloe Vera.

Besides, the mattress offers medium firm feel in which softness is cushioned and orthopedic support targeted. This relieves pressure off the back, hips, and the shoulders and keeps a healthy alignment. The body cradling considers natural contouring of the body which does not sag and makes one feel trapped. It also springs back fast and does not allow dents on the foam.

Moreover, the motion IsolationTM is an inventive technology that reduces disturbances caused by other persons’ movements making it ideal for couples and restless sleepers. Besides, the mattress offers 10 year warranty. Hence durability is never in doubt and long-term maintenance of high-end comfort and support is guaranteed.


  • Memory foam construction
  • Aloe Vera infused
  • Orthopedic design
  • Motion isolation technology
  • Medium firmness
  • 10 year warranty
The Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho 8 Inch Mattress Single Size
Best for breathability
06. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho 8 Inch Mattress Single Size
  • Customisable support and body contouring
  • Promotes spinal alignment and posture
  • Cool surface
  • Resists dust mites
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Limited size availability
  • Long break-in time

The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID Ortho 8-inch Mattress is an integration of the latest Japanese innovations in sleep technology. The orthopedic mattress is intended to offer restorative sleep and therapeutic comfort.

It features a patented SmartGRID system with more than 2500 responsive air channels that adapt to your body’s natural curves. This dynamic grid is different from solid foam mattresses and can change its form during the day. Besides, the medium-firm feel and Ortho Relief foam layer combine together to ensure the alignment of the spine and relieve the body’s muscle tension.

The Sleep Company chose a woven Brasso zipper cover of hypoallergenic fibers that are resistant to dust mites and other allergens. The emphasis is on breathability, as the SmartGRID system seeks to provide more airflow and keep the sleeping conditions cool and dry. Moreover, the high quality craftsmanship also gives excellent edge support and 10-year warranty.

Also, it offers responsive support to your body’s natural shape in all sleep positions. It is expensive, but its value comes from its tailored comfort that cannot be found in traditional mattresses.


  • Patented SmartGRID technology
  • 2500+ responsive air channels
  • Medium-firm orthopedic support
  • Ortho Relief foam layer
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable zipper cover
  • 10-year warranty
peps Springkoil Bonnell 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress
Best for overall
07. Peps Springkoil Bonnell Pillow Top 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress
  • Provides comfort and support
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Aligns spine properly
  • Isolates motion transfer
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Stylish design
  • Not suitable for heavy individuals
  • Initial off-gassing odour
  • Not dual-sided firmness

This springkoil mattress is constructed using the Bonnell spring design to offer the best support for a perfect night’s sleep. The hundreds of Bonnell springs which are durable yet responsive conform to your body’s natural contours to relieve pressure points and properly align the spine. The border wire that borders the mattress edge keeps the springs in alignment and prevents deformation over time.

Besides, to enhance the comfort, the pillow top layer of one side of the six-inch-thick mattress is soft. The plush pillow top provides additional cushioning for your shoulders and hips. Foam filling isolates motion between sleep partners.

This queen size Springkoil mattress is available in a stylish dark blue color that will match modern or traditional bedroom décors as an attractive piece of bedroom fittings.

Moreover, the mattress comes with two free soft pillows to complement the mattress. Peps also delivers to your door free of charge as part of their convenient delivery option. The mattress can be used for up to 10 days. Besides, if the buyer is not entirely pleased with it, he/she can return it for a new one.


  • Queen size (75x60x6 inches)
  • Reversible pillow top design
  • Bonnell spring construction
  • Foam fill with pillow top layer
  • Dark blue colour
  • Free pillows included

Top Mattress under 20000 in India Compared

Product NameSizeThicknessFirmnessWarranty
SleepyCatKing (78×72)8 inchesMedium10 years
SleepyheadKing (78×72)8 inchesMedium10 years
WakefitQueen8 inchesMedium10 years
SpringtekKing (78×72)6 inchesFirm6 Years
Flo Ergo™Double (78×72)6 inchesMedium10 years
The Sleep CompanySingle (72×36)8 inchesMedium Firm10 years
Peps SpringkoilQueen (75×60)6 inchesPillow Top5 Years

Each of these mattresses mentioned above are equally efficient. The best will depend on your personal preferences and needs. SleepyCat and Sleepyhead are good options if you like to have a medium-firm memory foam mattress. Besides, the Springtek and Peps Springkoil are best for spring mattress lovers. We suggest understanding your requirements and looking out for firmness, cooling technology, and size. You can also consider other factors like customer reviews and the reputation of the brand. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Mattress Under 20000 in India

Size and Dimensions: Ensure the mattress size is appropriate for your bed, be it king, queen, single or any other. Sleep comfort can be a great pick as it comes in a King size (78×72×8 inches) and there are different other sizing options.

Materials and Layers: Note the construction of the mattress including the constituent materials and layers. Each mattress comes with a unique mix of memory foam, support foam, and cooling technology. You can consider buying the Sleepyhead Sense. It includes BodyIQ Orthopedic Memory Foam and cooling technology.

Firmness Level: A suitable firmness of the mattress is important; because it affects your comfort. Some are medium firm while others are firm or have orthopedic supports. Wakefit Orthopedic memory foam mattress is one of the medium-firmness options that offer just the right combination of comfort and support and hence makes an excellent selection.

Cooling Technology: Cooling technology is also very important, especially in the hot and humid climate of India. Go for mattresses with cooling abilities to help avoid night sweats. The Flo Ergo™ Mattress can be a worthy pick as it has been infused with aloe vera and is designed to keep you cool.

Orthopedic Support: In case you have a back pain or need an orthopedic support, consider orthopedic mattresses. Sleepyhead Sense and The Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho Mattress can be worthy selections. Both products are orthopedically designed to relieve back pains.


When we went through the research, we realised that the best present that we can give to ourselves while rushing on a busy day is a proper sleep. The quality of the mattress determines if you will get that sleep that you have always prayed for.
It is always tough to find the right mattress in a crowd and even harder when on budget. Therefore, our team has had a few weeks for analyzing and choosing the best options. We considered size, materials, firmness, cooling mechanism and orthopedic support depending on your specific needs. Finally, we were able to select amongst some of the top mattresses under Rs 20,000 in India.
Mattress selection, however, is a purely personal preference and we sincerely trust the information provided in this guide will assist you choose the one that will enable you get the sleep that you have yearned for so long.

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